Burton Goldberg is the voice of alternative medicine and has traveled the world in search of the top therapies and treatments available from the fields of natural healthcare and alternative, integrative, and conventional medicine. He is available for healthcare consultations by telephone (see form below) to help you and your family choose the top healthcare treatments available for cancer (all types of cancer, including end-stage cancer), heart disease, diabetes, depression, addiction, allergies, arthritis, autism and many other healthcare concerns.

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There is reason for hope for a full remission of cancer! Healthcare research is often 20 years ahead of widespread use and implementation Preview


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You'll see stem cells therapies and stem cell treatments being utilized to improve and in many cases fully treat many healthcare concerns Preview


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The safe, effective treatments highlighted in this DVD video offer significant alternatives to the psychiatric drugs Preview



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The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins. 

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In the video below, Suzanne Somers talks about integrative cancer care from her New York Times bestselling book, in which Burton is featured.

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Alternative Neck Cancer Treatment Options

A person who is diagnosed with cancer is suddenly faced with making the biggest single decision of his or her life—what treatment options to pursue. Chemotherapy and radiation are toxic and often do as much damage to the body as the cancer itself. Conventional medicine presents these treatments, along with surgery, as the only options for cancer treatment, but this is not true. There are successful alternatives  to radiation, alternatives to chemotherapy, and alternatives to surgery that can remove the root causes of cancer and restore you to health without further poisoning or damaging your body. See my film "Cancer Conquest" (see left column) to learn more.

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments & Options

Finding a low sexual side effects prostate cancer treatment is possible today...

The benefits of the integrative approach to cancer treatment are many: (text continues below)

If you have cancer, the information in this video is vital for your survival.


What Steve Jobs Should Have Done 

Read and Burton Goldberg's letter to Steve Jobs' son. In the video below Burton introduces the letter and talks about its significance.


Listen to podcast of Burton's interview for the Alternative Cancer Research Institute, recorded February 2012.

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about alternative cancer treatments and electrodermal screening, July 2012

(continued from above)
The benefits of the integrative approach to cancer treatment are many:
  • Combines the best that conventional oncology has to offer with the best that alternative medicine has to offer
  • Pays enormous attention to what caused the cancer in the first place
  • Specific treatments are targeted to specific types of cancer.
  • Side effects are minimal.
  • Quality of life is better
  • Treats the cancer patient, not just the cancer,
  • Since side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are minimized, recovery time is faster.
  • Even Stage 3 and Stage 4 cancers are reversible
  • Less expensive for those without insurance
  • There are specific alternative treatments for all types of cancer: breast cancer, prostate cancer, throat, tonsil, neck cancer. Kidney cancer, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer—there are alternative techniques for treating all these cancers.

Side effects of conventional treatment are an enormous and avoidable problem. Why become impotent with prostate surgery when you don’t have to? Why suffer the fatigue and nausea from chemotherapy and radiation when less toxic therapies are available?

Integrative oncologists seek to live by the axiom "Above all else, do no harm". Their approach is to use holistic therapies that minimize side effects, that make treatments more tolerable, and that rebuild the patient's physiology to provide the best odds of long term cancer survival with a good quality of life.

There is no single magic bullet method to cure cancer. Many factors contribute to the development of cancer and many modalities and substances must be used to reverse it. Alternative medicine addresses the whole person: nutrition, diet, the immune system, and lifestyle must all be examined.

We are not claiming, as certain shortsighted holistic practitioners do, that diet and nutrition by itself can cure cancer. This is overly simplistic and wishful thinking. However, the wrong diet is the equivalent of pouring gas on the fire. In addition, the right diet is also highly beneficial to the overall healing process and must be viewed as a meaningful piece of a bigger healing puzzle.

No other health topic today has the urgency of cancer because no other health condition is escalating as fast. A century ago, 1 in 33 people had cancer; today it is more than 1 in 3 and growing. The truth is that we are no better off than when President Nixon officially declared war on cancer in 1971. In actuality, we are far worse off than ever before. At the time of Nixon’s declaration, one out of every ten Americans developed cancer. Today, despite the trillions of dollars that have been spent on research looking for a cancer cure in this country, that figure has risen dramatically. As of this writing, one out of every two men, and well over one out of every three women in the US will develop cancer in their lifetime. Cancer is now the leading cause of death in the US for all persons 85 and younger. In addition, though oncologists now have an array of more powerful chemotherapeutic drugs, radiation, and gene therapies at their disposal, overall cancer remission rates are little changed from the 1950s. To make matters worse, cancer is now striking earlier than ever before. It is not uncommon for men and women who are only in their 30s to be diagnosed with prostate cancer or breast cancer; a fact that was virtually unthinkable a decade ago.

Currently, conventional oncologists still continue to rely on treatment protocols  that at best show a 30% overall success rate.

Cancer can be successfully reversed using alternative medicine. Side effects are minimal, quality of life is better, and recovery time is quicker.

A personal testimonial

A century ago, one in 33 people had cancer; today, it is nearly one in two and still growing. When I was a child, cancer was relatively rare— now it is the number 1 cause of death in the United States for all people 85 and younger. No other health topic today has the urgency of cancer because no other health condition is escalating as fast, and no other disease has such an abysmal success rate when treated by conventional medicine.

I know this first-hand, not only because of my many decades of research, but also because I, myself, and a TWO-TIME cancer survivor. In both cases I was successfully treated and spared the debilitating side effects of conventional cancer treatments that so many cancer patients needlessly suffer—and often die!—from. Thanks to all I’ve learned about cancer, I was spared such treatments because I knew the best alternatives to them right from the start, including safer and more accurate diagnostic methods that your doctor very likely does not know about. Just as I was cured of my cancer, and spared of such side-effects, I want the same to be true for everyone else who is struck by this terrible disease. This is my passion, and this is my creed: Cancer is NOT a death sentence!

Although many of the alternative and integrative methods for treating cancer have been with us for more than 50 years, it is only recently that these approaches have achieved major clinical breakthroughs and moved into wider public awareness. I wish I had known more about them myself when my sister and my mother were dying of cancer. Seeing them ravaged not only by cancer but by the toxic treatments of conventional medicine made me think there must be a way to treat cancer without poisoning the body and destroying the immune system, and I vowed to find it.

I tell everyone I meet, “You don't have to be sick. You can get better using safe, effective, inexpensive, and nontoxic methods from the world of alternative and integrative medicine.”

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