Addiction--Getting the Monkey Off Your Back: DVD Summary and Preview

Addiction: Getting the Monkey Off Your Back DVD is based on the latest science regarding the brain's role in addiction. Its focus is on how certain amino acids and other nutrients, combined with other alternative therapies and education, can directly treat the biochemical imbalances associated with addiction and the resulting chronic abstinence symptoms, such as anxiety, confusion, severe cravings and depression. Once these symptoms are treated, people are able to do the work needed to stay clean and sober.

In this authoritative healthcare documentary video / DVD, Burton Goldberg, the author of 18 books on alternative medicine, takes you on a tour of addiction clinics and treatment centers that are achieving great success utilizing natural therapies to treat addiction. You will visit the clinics, see the treatments being utilized, hear about the supporting studies and research, and see interviews with the many patients who have been healed and the doctors who are providing highly successful addiction recovery programs.

The DVD is highly informative and covers the major topics related to addiction: Addiction symptoms, addiction effects, addiction help, addiction treatment, addiction recovery, addiction counseling and addiction treatment centers.

Contributing Experts and Physicians:

  • Julia Ross, MA, MFT, author of The Mood Cure and Executive Director of The Recovery Systems talks about using nutritional therapy to treat people with addictions.
  • Charles Gant, MD, PhD is a pioneer in nutritional treatments for people in recovery. He talks about measuring the brain's deficiencies and how to break the smoking habit.
  • Hyla Cass, MD is an author and speaker on the subject of integrative medicine. Dr. Cass talks about using amino acid therapy to treat addiction.
  • David Miller, PhD, Co-author of Staying Clean and Sober, has worked in the addiction field for over 25 years with a focus on finding alternative treatment methods.
  • Merlene Miller, MA, Co-author of Staying Clean and Sober, is an addiction educator and author with 25 years of experience in the field.
  • James Braly, M.D. is the author of Food Allergy and Nutrition - Revolution. He talks about the relationship between allergy and addictions.
  • Stan Stokes, MS, LPC, CCDC, founder of Bridging the Gaps, a treatment center in Winchester, Virginia.

The DVD covers information related to many forms of addiction: Alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, drug addiction, marijuana addiction, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, pain and opiate addiction and other forms of addiction.

Addiction: Getting The Monkey Off Your Back provides life-saving information and great reason for hope for those dealing with addiction!

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