Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments and Options

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments and Options Work!

Effective and Lower Side Effects
Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments
Learning you have breast cancer

Finding out that you have breast cancer is a life-changing event. You go through so many emotions: from denial, to disbelief, to desperation, anger, fear and anguish. To top it all off, there is the stress of having to make a decision when it comes to the course of action to take, and what is the best treatment for you.

Listen to this brave-young woman touching testimonial, who chose not to go the conventional breast cancer treatment way: surgery followed by chemotherapy and high dose radiation:
(she was cancer free in 12 weeks and she has been in remission for 24 months!)


She said: "Start with an alternative breast cancer treatment that doesn't inflict so much damage to your body. Then you can try other more damaging treatments in case the first one did not work. Why will you try first a breast cancer that will have so much side-effects if you don't need to?"

Many women are faced with the options of lumpectomy, mastectomy (surgery), chemotherapy and high dose radiation, not knowing that a significant amount of women choose a much gentler approach with amazing results and without the unpleasant results of having a breast removed or the myriad effects of chemotherapy.

On top of that, women who had breast cancer surgery for treatment, have to have a reconstructive surgery.

The fear of the disease can be a great incentive to take control of what’s ahead of you.

I have done extensive research on alternative breast cancer treatments and would love to guide you in this difficult journey by not only presenting to you the best choices for alternative treatments but also answer questions you might have about each one.

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An Alternative Cancer Treatment testimonial of a patient who
7 years ago was told "You have 18 months to live"... 

She talks about Burton Goldberg and the caring cancer treatment she received in 

Dr. Filiberto Muños San Diego Clinic:


Some Alternative Breast Cancer treatment options available to you are:

  • IPT, Insulin Potentiation therapy

  • High dose, intravenous Vitamin C

  • Hyperthermia combined with radiation

  • Oxidative therapies

  • Immune system strengthening diet   

  • Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

  • Chelation Therapy

  • Infrared Sauna

Benefits of Alternative-Integrative Breast cancer Treatments:

  • Since no surgery is needed, there is lower risk of metastasis.

  • Alternative-Integrative breast cancer treatments avoid surgery and the long-painful recovery time after conventional treatments are finished.

  • Side effects are much lower than conventional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

  • Alternative breast cancer treatments are more effective than conventional in most cases.

  • They are available through out the USA, Mexico and Europe.

  • Usually are less expensive than conventional cancer treatments.

  • In some cases, Integrative cancer treatments are covered by insurance, like hyperthermia combined with low dose radiation.

  • Doctors who practice alternative options to treat breast cancer, look for the root cause of it, instead of only noticing the symptoms.

  • That makes alternative treatments have less recurrences than conventional ones.

  • You can continue to live your normal healthy lifestyle: exercise, walk, jog, dance, and visit family and friends!

  • Alternative-Integrative breast cancer treatments do not make you sick!

Breast Cancer Symptoms:

  • Pain or tenderness in the breast. Although lumps are usually painless, pain or tenderness can be a sign of breast cancer.
  • This is often the first apparent symptom of breast cancer. 

  • An area that is distinctly different from any other area on either breast.

  • A noticeable flattening or indentation on the breast, which may indicate a tumor that cannot be seen or felt.
  • Lumps are usually visible on a mammogram long before they can be seen or felt.
  • Lumps associated with breast cancer are usually painless, although some may cause a prickly sensation.
  • A noticeable swelling in the armpit.
  • Change in the size or shape of a breast.
  • A breast lump or thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue.
  • Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling.

  • Bloody discharge from the nipple.
  • Any change in the size, contour, texture, or temperature of the breast. A reddish, pitted surface like the skin of an orange could be a sign of advanced breast cancer.
  • Peeling, scaling or flaking of the nipple or breast skin.
  • A change in the nipple, such as a nipple retraction, dimpling, itching, a burning sensation, or ulceration.
  • A scaly rash of the nipple is symptomatic of Paget's disease, which may be associated with an underlying breast cancer.
  • Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange
  • Inverted nipple.
  • A marble-like area under the skin.
  • Unusual discharge from the nipple that may be bloody, clear, or another color, could be caused by benign conditions or due to cancer in some cases.

  • A lump in the breast or underarm that persists after your menstrual cycle. 
  • Breast lump or lump in the armpit that is hard, has uneven edges, and usually does not hurt.

  • Some symptoms of advanced breast cancer may include:

  • Bone pain, weight loss, skin ulcers, swelling of one arm (next to the breast with cancer), breast pain or discomfort.

  • Change in the size, shape, or feel of the breast or nipple -- for example, you may have redness, dimpling, or puckering that looks like the skin of an orange.

  • Fluid coming from the nipple -- may be bloody, clear to yellow, green, and look like pus.

  • Men can get breast cancer, too. Symptoms include breast lump and breast pain and tenderness.

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