Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments and Options

Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments and Options

Prostate cancer is a very delicate issue for men and their women because the side effects of conventional treatments like surgery followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy, lead in most cases to impotence, incontinence and diarrhea.

Some men also experience loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, making a romantic relationship difficult to fulfill for both partners.

What is the best solution when looking for a low sexual side effects prostate cancer treatment?

According to my experience, have been working in an integrative cancer treatment for over 30 years, alternative prostate cancer treatment options are less invasive and in most cases have little or no sexual or other side effects.

There are many alternatives to consider that avoids the permanent side effects of surgery. Below are some of the prostate cancer treatment options I recommend :

  • Deep cleansing, detox and nutrition, like the Gerson institute offers
  • Hyperthermia combined with low dose of radiation
  • Hyperthermia combined with low dose chemotherapy
  • “HIFU” or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.
  • Just nutrition, avoiding red meats and incorporating non cooked food (raw food diet)
  • Energy healing: all illness have an energetic unbalance or blockages that can be removed by different modalities of energy healing. Reiki can be use as a complementary treatment.
  • and more


Cancer treatment has to be an integral energy, mind and soul procedure to be effective. We can’t heal our bodies if we don’t heal our souls first. By healing our souls I mean our human energetic field or spirit if you will.

Then it has to be complemented by the right diet that will support the healing process. Finally, the best alternative treatment for our beliefs and conditions.

What is the best prostate cancer treatment available? We need to do our research, consider all options available. Ask all those who did well and then listen to our inner voice, our guts instinct, what resonates best for us.

We are all different and we might need different treatments.

In the US I recommend these clinics:

I let you do the rest of the research.

There are excellent options in clinics in Germany and Mexico.

The ones I know and recommend are:

In Germany:

  • Gisunt Klinik
  • Dr Herzog Clinic
  • St. George Hospital

You can research for more clinics in Germany here:

In Mexico I recommend:

  • Gerson Institute
  • Dr Francisco Contreras
  • Dr. Antonio Jimenez

And there are many more I don’t know of.

Go to the Cancer Control Society for a complete list of the cancer clinics I Mexico.


Symptoms of Prostate cancer:

  •  Having trouble urinating. 
  •  Problems passing urine, including a slow or weak urinary stream or the need to urinate more often, especially at night.
  •  Decreased force in the stream of urine
  •  Trouble getting an erection (impotence)
  •  Blood in the urine (hematuria)
  •  Blood in the semen
  •  Pain in the hips, back (spine), chest (ribs), or other areas from cancer spread to bones
  •  General pain in the lower back, hips or thighs
  •  Discomfort in the pelvic area
  •  Bone pain
  •  Erectile dysfunction
  •  Weakness or numbness in the legs or feet, or even loss of bladder or bowel control from cancer pressing on the spinal cord.

The wife of one of our alternative/integrative prostate cancer treatments "graduate" patients, said: "The side effects of prostate cancer treatment that traditional medicine uses, are can be IMPOTENT, you can be INCONTINENT, you can have CONSTANT DIARRHEA for the rest of your life, and who wants to live with that if you don't have to...And "everything is working just great", so we are really glad, plus (the cancer) is gone!"
"I'm very happy"
"When we came here we started talking to people and (hear of) all good results that people have had, and (that) built up our confidence, and or course getting the PSA results through the months that continued make us say "Hey, look its (the PSA) going down!" 

“I want to add something else: if you have conventional prostate cancer treatments like surgery followed by high dose radiation and chemotherapy, you can be impotent, incontinent and have diarrhea for the rest of your life…”

The wife of a prostate cancer patient when his husband was being interviewed and cancer free on the day he left the Hyperthermia clinic.

It’s interesting to note that Hyperthermia in combination with radiation is a prostate cancer treatment approved by the FDA and paid by most insurances. This makes it much less stressful for patients and families, as they don’t have to worry about money issues.

Usually conventional prostate cancer treatments fees are very expensive, in the order of several tens of thousand dollars.



Prostate Cancer Treatment Options  Survivor Testimonial

Low Sexual Side Effects Cancer Treatment Alternative 

Speaker 1: After the recommendation of treatment, either surgery also radiation and chemotherapy when you finish the treatment, I don't think you will look as good as you look now.

Mike: I actually have a friend who got diagnosed on prostate cancer while I was here. I told him about this place. And told him, I'm very, very encouraged by my PSA is going down fast. I feel great. He went with the surgery. He decided that he was going to go with the surgery. He felt more comfortable doing that. It was quicker. He didn't have to give the commitment everyday here. He could go in, be out, two days in the hospital and he was done.

Since that's happened, he's now dealing with the side effects, and he's not happy. And because we did at the same time, he can see that I'm fine and that I feel fine. And my energy level is good and I'm really glad that I made this choice. Whereas right now, he's not so glad because he says he's got a long road ahead of dealing with. How is body-changed. And right now, to be honest with you, I feel bad for him but I told him about this place.

Speaker 1: Well, I'm very happy that you decide to be one of the few crazy ones that decided consent for.

Mike: Well, I'll say it again. The videos on the website made a difference because when I was checking, I read a lot of those websites. And you don't really you understand the human part of it, when you're reading and when you get to see somebody talking about their experience that sold me. And I'm on advertising. And I know how to sell people. And the way to sell people is with a human connection.

Speaker 1: So then I have a question for you.

Mike: Okay.

Speaker 1: Because if you're in advertisement, could you see that those are genuine videos, that it wasn't an act of the hand of God?

Mike: Absolutely.

Speaker 1: All right.

Mike: Absolutely, in fact I like that it was very amateur and rough-looking. It wasn't polished because... I believed the person talking because it wasn't in a set. It wasn't trying to make it as pretty. I was listening to what he was saying more than looking at what it is all about. So of course, I believed it, no problem.

Speaker 1: We won't do over the (inaudible2.34) more a professional way.

Mike: No, don't. You should, just like this because it looks real.

Speaker 1: Okay, Mike thank you so much. Hey, one more question, it was a long journey, five miles is a long time but what does your wife think?

Mike: She saw me going through all the journey of finding out about what this prostate cancer does to you, what your choices are. Right before this started, my wife's brother died of cancer. So she was, this was a bad time for me to find out I had cancer. We just lost him. In fact, the day he died was the day I found out I had cancer, it was the day I got the call. She, after seeing all the kinds of treatment that you can get, was confused, listening to people who didn't know about alternate treatments, people that trust doctors no matter what they tell you instead of trying to find it out for yourself.

After a while, she just realized that together, if we both felt good about it, once we came down here, we had to have a consultation. And I met with Dr. Wolfstein. After talking to him, I felt 100% confident. I knew this is what I was going to do. And I was going to hope it was going to work. I had seen things work did work but for the most part. She just felt relieved that we found a place that we could actually go to, that offered something that wasn't surgery.

Speaker 1: So I can tell that you are kind of lucky that your wife supports you all through?

Mike: All the time. In fact, to be honest with you, I think that helps for the most part because, let's face it, you're driving to Los Angeles back and forth. So between the drive and the actual treatment that I do, I would leave my house at 7 o'clock and maybe get home about 2. So that's pretty much an all-day type of thing. Because she's there to support me, it makes the drive all the more all worth it. It really does because every time I get those PSA tests, it's like a report card. You did really well. And that was what we looked forward to like every two or three weeks, just to see what those were, are all about. So yeah, without the support. It's tough doing it by your self.

Speaker 1: Do you have kids?

Mike: No kids. We decided not to have kids. We got careers unfortunately.

Speaker 1: Are you coming back to work?

Mike: I start Monday.

Speaker 1: Ooohh

Mike: I'll start Monday so... And they're excited to have me. I worked there 11 years. And when I started this treatment, the owner of the company had gone through breast cancer. And she said, don't worry. Your job will be waiting for you.

Speaker 1: That's good.

Mike: That makes a huge difference. Again, lowering that stress level makes you heal faster so.

Speaker 1: Okay, that's fantastic. Well, I'm very happy for you Mike. And thank you so much for talking to us.

Mike: Sure. Glad to do it.

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