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Outstanding Referrals from Cancer Treatment Consultations

Putting One Of The Worst Cancers In Remission

On September 24, 2011, I found out I had cancer.  I had felt a lump on my backside.  My doctor thought it was an abscess, but when surgically opened to drain, it was discovered to be a tumor.  Not just any tumor, but a high grade, pleomorphic sarcoma. An appointment with a surgical oncologist followed, where I was informed that he would perform a “butt-ectomy” (his words), which was described as a very extensive and invasive surgery, followed up with chemotherapy.  After the appointment, I decided I would investigate other treatments.   

The first thing my wife did was completely transform my diet.  Gone were the meat and potatoes, pasta and bread.  They were replaced with vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and beans.  She also started juicing vegetables and put me on wheatgrass.  That transition was difficult, but critically important. It had an immediate impact on my general health because on the diet, I was able to shed 80 pounds (weighing 315 lbs. at the time of diagnosis).  I also began being treated by a naturopath, Dr. Rebecca Rogers, who immediately started me on Orasal (salicinium), among many other supplements and homeopathics.  However, after 2 months, it became evident that the tumor was growing and needed to be removed.  Sarcomas behave differently than many other cancers, as they are completely unresponsive to all treatments that try to shrink them, they must be surgically removed.  I found a new surgeon who performed the surgery in January 2012.  By then the tumor had grown to 8 pounds and was the size of a cantaloupe!  To make matters worse, part of it had become necrotic, and the subsequent infection had spread throughout my body.  However, thanks to the skill of my surgeon, and much to his amazement, I survived the surgery, and left the hospital 3 weeks later.  Throughout all of this, I continued my alternative program. 

About a month or so later, I had an appointment with the medical oncologist who was part of the sarcoma team at the hospital.  He discussed the chemotherapy I would need, and tried to assure me by saying “we’ve been using these drugs for 35 years now!”  What that told me was that they have made no progress in treating sarcomas in that time.  The two chemo drugs he would use were Ifosfamide and Doxorubicin.  The course of chemotherapy would only reduce the chance of reoccurrence by about 10%.  Then he started talking about 5-year survival rates.  When I exclaimed “I’m planning on living a lot longer than 5 years”, he just shook his head.   

Upon returning home I researched these two drugs.  I learned that Ifosfamide is extremely hard on kidneys, and Doxorubicin is very hard on hearts.  Now I finally understood what had happened to my older brother.  He had a large tumor removed from his abdomen in the late 80’s.  His very first chemo treatment put him in kidney failure and he was on dialysis for the rest of his life.  A few years later, when his cancer reoccurred, he went through a second round of chemotherapy.  Shortly after, he died in his sleep from heart failure.  Cancer didn’t kill my brother; I believe the chemotherapy did.  Needless to say, I chose not to accept this treatment.  (Interestingly, I saw this oncologist again in 2015, when a mass was discovered in my lung, the usual location when a sarcoma metastasizes.  At this meeting he told me I had made the right decision not to receive chemotherapy.  I was impressed, and somewhat surprised with his honesty.  We successfully treated this mass using stereotatic radiosurgery, which is a procedure where highly focused radiation is used to kill the tumor.  Thus far, I have had no reoccurrence in my lung.) 

I then continued my treatment with Dr. Rogers and grew stronger each passing month.  Then in October 2012, I discovered a new tumor had formed, which was surgically removed as well.  Dr. Rogers and I both came to the conclusion that I needed a more aggressive treatment plan.  She related her experience being treated in Mexico, which gave me a place to start. 

I began researching clinics, sending my medical records to them, and having phone consultations.  After much research, I selected a clinic in Tijuana, and made arrangements to go there.  However, I still had an uneasy feeling, not being completely satisfied with my choice.  Doing even more research online, I found Burton’s website and his offer to have a consultation.  This is what I needed, an independent opinion, so I contacted him.  Burton was very helpful.  He confirmed that my cancer was one of the most difficult to treat, and because of that, he strongly recommended 2 care providers; Dr. Filiberto Munoz of the San Diego Clinic in Tijuana, and Kimchi Moyer, a Biologic Medicine Consultant.  As it turned out, this was the absolute best call I could have made! 

After consulting with Dr. Munoz, I felt I had finally found the right place for me.  Dr. Munoz was the only one who outlined a treatment plan specifically for a sarcoma patient, whereas all of the other clinics only said “this is what we do”.  I began my treatment at his clinic in January 2013.  When I’m there I receive a variety of integrative therapies including infusions of vitamin C & K, curcumin, selenium and others.  I have also received about 6 different vaccines, including a dendritic cell vaccine and a vaccine developed from the tumors removed from me.  I could not be happier with my decision to be treated by Dr. Munoz. 

At the same time, I also started being treated by Kimchi Moyer.  Through her diligent efforts we were able to identify several contributing factors causing my cancer, one of which was a beef sepsis.  I learned that apparently my body does not break beef down, and it turns toxic in my body.  Beef had been the single biggest part of my diet!  She further refined my diet, basing it on my body’s reaction to various foods.  She recommended various supplements and homeopathics, which could help address the problems I was having.  She also discovered high mercury levels which we caused by old fillings, some hidden under crowns.  After having them removed and detoxing, my system stabilized. 

As of this writing, July 2016, more than 5 years after first contracting cancer, am still fighting.  My recent test results with both Dr. Munoz and surgeon have given promising results, and I am encouraged by them as they show a trending in the desired direction.  While I am encouraged by these results, I do not feel my battle is over.  Cancer is an insidious disease, and you cannot stop the fight.  But I do feel I am in the best position to continue to manage my disease, doing so with an exceptional quality of life!   

My advice to others who find themselves in a similar battle is to never let your guard down, especially when things are improving!  You must maintain an appropriate diet, especially in between treatments.  That is what will help keep the cancer in check.  I’ve seen many people make this mistake, much to their detriment.  I myself did so, and paid the price for it with another tumor. 

Finally, I’d like to share 2 things I feel are critically important for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.  The first is you must develop and maintain a positive attitude.  My nature is to not be sidetracked by obstacles, you could say I am a fighter by nature (not in the physical sense).  When I received my diagnosis, I looked at it as just another obstacle to overcome.  While my nature helped in this, I know the biggest help was how my deep faith helps me keep a very positive outlook on the future. (We had a funny experience about this – The first time Kimchi examined me, at the conclusion she said, “you have an unbelievably strong constitution, my equipment shows that you feel you’re going to live forever!”) 

Second is this – do not entrust important decisions about your health to anyone, including your doctors.  Every doctor who has treated me got the same speech – “I will not delegate life and death decision to anyone, I will make them.  What I need from you is good information to assist me in making that decision.”  Find doctors who are willing to work with you instead of dictating to you.  This is your life, and no one cares more about it than you do.  Do the research, find providers you feel comfortable with, make your decision and go with it.  I know this sounds scary, especially with a cancer diagnosis.  I’ve made mistakes along the way, but I now have a health care team that I have full confidence in, and Burton’s counsel is a big reason for that.   

Ross Furfari

Thyroid Cancer

Hi Burton,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service you provide for people  who want excellent medical care but do not know how or where to find it.

 I first contacted you in 2009 when I had a thyroid cancer scare. Fortunately the tests were negative.


I called you again in 2012 when I had a breast cancer scare. You put me in touch with Dr. Prix in Germany who did a blood workup and confirmed that there were no cancer cells in my blood. That enabled me to sleep at night and after a biopsy it was confirmed that I did not have cancer.

In December of 2012 I was having a lot of dental work done and was living on antibiotics. I became very sick. I also had such severe depression that I could hardly function at all. Not knowing what to do I called you and was referred to Dr. C. She replaced the antibiotics with oil of oregano which seemed to work for me. She also did a brain chemistry test and found that my serotonin levels were so low that the lab repeated the test three times, believing they had made a mistake. She put me on two creams and a special magnesium powder. 


The results were miraculous. My energy and motivation returned and I felt that I had my life back.


I wish to thank you very much for the much needed work you do.


Judith Cohen

Breast Cancer

I was very grateful for Mr Goldberg's positive advice and I am responding well to what I would call "integrated therapies" - the synergistic approach.  My therapies include: diet (avoiding estrogens including xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens because my cancer is hormone related), electro-magnetic therapy (this was a revelation), removal of 14 mercury fillings by an holistic dentist and finally one tablet from my oncologist which blocks the production of estrogen in my body.  I have metastic breast cancer in my lungs with several lesions in both lungs but have not had chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  My oncologist is so pleased with my progress that he wants me to have an xray of the lungs to see for himself - but I said no thank you, it's enough for me to feel well, I don't need to do a bit of xray damage to believe it.

Sally Libby

Autism, Cancer, Depression

I have known Burton for well  over 10 years having first met him at an A4m conference in Chicago.  Burton has been a very Important health resource for me and my family and friends over the years for health issues including Autism, Cancer, Depression,Dentistry and Anti-Aging.  Burton has been critical in opening the doorway to many alternative approaches/remedies that have been very effective in spite of the varying levels of patient compliance.  The breadth of his knowledge including health practitioners and

Supplements is outstanding and importantly has a global perspective which enables him to make recommendations from the
Best possible resources wherever they are located.
I would recommend anyone facing a health challenge to seek Burton’s counsel.
Christopher Hashioka

Breast Cancer

Dear Burton
I am just emailing to say thank you for you referral to Dr Munoz. I went in November (from England) after speaking with you and spent 10 weeks there. I had breast cancer which has spread to the lung and bones. By the end of my treatment i was 40% improved and the tumor was gone from  my lung. I am continuing with home treatment but am so glad of your advice.

Many thanks and God bless

Stage 4 Prostate Cancer
After almost losing James a few weeks ago, we now at the SSD Clinic and seeing improvement in his status.  He has been in severe pain the past several weeks and taking mega doses of pain meds.  However, after just a few days of treatment, he started taking less pain meds and is now almost off all pain meds.  We've also seen improvement in his mobility.  He is able to walk more than he has in a very long time.  We've only had 10 days of treatment so far and are very hopeful he will continue to improve....and at this fast rate too! :)

My husband and I consulted with you back in April.  He had just been diagnosed with last-stage metastasized prostate cancer.  You recommended us seeing Dr. Munoz at the San Diego Clinic right away because of the severity of his diagnosis.  We have two small children and money is a concern so we felt we had to try Dr. Gonzalez's enzyme protocol first.  His protocol was a lot less expensive and we could do it at home with our two very small children.  We followed it perfectly and it worked at first.  However, something quickly changed and we had to drop everything and rush down to Dr. Munoz.  We knew this might happen but hoped it would never come to this. 
His platelet and blood count were severely low when we got here.  Our Oncologist back home said there was nothing they could do about was just from the cancer.  However, the doctor's here stopped the blood loss and have had his counts rising within days....truly remarkable!
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for recommending Dr. Munoz to us.  Even though we didn't initially seek his treatment, we are here now and things seem to be moving in the right direction for us.  I also want to tell you how nice and helpful the doctors and staff are here.  They are amazing!  It's completely different from our experience in the US.  Last weekend, one of the docs even came to our hotel room to help James with a situation.  I can't believe these docs let me call then 24/7.....let alone come to see us on a Sunday morning!  It's incredible, and if we have any chance of James getting better, we know it is with Dr. Munoz.

All our thanks again and God Bless you for sharing knowledge and being part of the solution!
Alicia and James Haselby

Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

"I consider your help a large part of my continued success, and I wanted to share my most recent CT. While I don’t understand most of the medical words, I took away enough to show it’s a clean CT.  I personally want to extend my thanks for all of your welcome and very helpful advice.
Your input was extremely valuable, and a large factor in my recovery. Got it twice – beat it twice, and will continue on the same plan without change, as it will always be lurking.
Thank you Burton!"

Marsha McGee

Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer

"I spoke with you June 18 about my husband who has stage 4 esophageal cancer. He is now in treatment with Dr. Munoz in Tijuana. Due to how complicated his situation is – he’s on oxygen and TPN feeding and is very weak – and because he has had several ER visits in the last month, we are going back and forth and I’m doing a lot of the program (the IV's) at home here in the La Crescenta area near L.A.

"I am so impressed with Dr. Munoz – he is exceptionally bright and caring. I mentioned the LIFT (Leucocyte Infusion Therapy) clinical trial at Wake Forest College in Illinois and he had already researched how to get the equipment and what would be entailed to deliver it in Mexico. In mice it has a 100% cure rate. It’s a breath of fresh air to have someone who is so innovative and willing to throw an arsenal of weapons at cancer, instead of considering that the patient’s best use is to be a research subject for science.

"I just wanted to thank you very much for the referral to Dr. Munoz! And if you hear of anything that might help my husband, let me know. We are in very good hands, but we arrived very late in the game, and the speed at which his cancer is moving is frightening.

"This coming week my husband will get his 3rd IPT chemo and the 2nd with the results from the chemosensitivity blood test. He will also get the dendritic cells vaccine. He is still too weak to try hyperthermia. We are both doing very well emotionally. Life can make one very strong."


Breast Cancer and Poor Health Related to Dental Factors

"...I begged the local and the large cancer center that creates my treatment protocols for help. The centers just do not provide the supportive help I needed. After consulting with Burton Goldberg, the Alternative Medicine "Guru" and my hero, I decided to come out to Tahoe/Reno to see Dr. James Forsythe, a traditional/alternative oncologist who believes in a holistic approach to treating illnesses/diseases/the human body. I opted for immune system boasters and a cleansing of toxins in addition to the traditional treatment I am continuing. It is amazing.

"In addition, I am visiting a biological dentist by the name of Dr. Zeny N. Ocean. I have a tooth that has been hurting BIG TIME since before my initial diagnosis of Breast Cancer in 1997. Yesterday at the biological dentist I pointed out the tooth. A couple x-rays were done. The tooth has been draining up into my sinuses for years it seems, very discomforting and "nasty". The dentist did not know my history, and did not know I have metastatic breast cancer with lesions in right pleural lining, right rib, and right breast. But he does believe teeth have impact on individual's general health. The dentist examined the x-ray, then excused himself for a minute. When he came back he had a chart mapping teeth back to organs and body parts. Not knowing what I was doing, I had also found some charts before my visit and had mapped this tooth. The tooth maps to the right lung and right breast, the location of the metastatic disease. He said he wasn't surprised he's seen it many times.

"The dentist injected the area (and another) with a homeopathic material created to target infection, bacteria, viruses etc. Within a few minutes I had the "nasty" taste, feeling of infection and feeling of draining of the tooth area. About 30 minutes later a small piece of solid material dislodged (very, very small but very hard and gritty). Hours later I had pain in the breast area I had not felt in years. It was almost some phantom pain. I have had a total mastectomy and a tran reconstruction. The pain was gone this morning when I woke up.

"Again it seems I feel 200 TIMES improvement each day over the previous. My energy level is higher than it's been in several years. I am amazed. I can remember directions, something I have not been able to do for 8 - 10 years. I am VERY happy, ecstatic with the caring, compassion, treatments, and support from both doctors and staff. I say prayers and thanks to God for leading me to Burton Goldberg without his caring and guiding hand I would not have met these remarkable people."


Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and Extensive Bone Metastases, 90% Improved

"...Recently, my long time dormant prostate cancer struck back with a vengeance. I developed extensive bone metastasis from my hips to my shoulders. Now that I have reached stage 4 advanced prostate cancer I have had to rethink some of my ideas on therapies etc. This weekend I returned from three weeks at the clinic recommended on Burton's DVD and I must say that I am extremely happy with the therapy I received and the quality of medical care. My bone pain was gone in 3 or 4 days and current scans show that the bone metastasis is reduced by 90% with hope of total elimination in the next 90 days. This was accomplished with chemo and alternatives used in a manner that is not recognized in the USA. Of course I am thrilled with the results so far and pray that they continue long term."


Pet Scan Confirms a Complete Remission!

"Thanks to Burton Goldberg, his doctors, and Rick Salvoy, who provided us with the "Poly MVA" - a new tool against autoimmune diseases. This has given Valerie a new lease on life. By their innovative up-to-date system of treatment, they provided her with the quality of life she or anyone else must have to fight cancer or any disease with a healthy immune system to cure not just prolong. Thank you gentlemen! Thanks to these great men and to all of you who have supported us through your thoughts, prayers and much needed monies, Valerie will be able LIVE to continue serve God, graduate high school, (drive her parents crazy with teenager stuff), get married and raise her children in a Torah life."


Liver and Pancreatic Cancer 

Aloha Burton, You may remember us...Mary Jo from Maui. Around thanksgiving, last year, my husband was going down hard and most likely going to die soon. Something like liver cancer/ pancreatic cancer they said, originally unknown. Well you advised us to run not walk to see Dr. Munoz, great call, Pat is doing well. The largest tumor in liver was 7.9 in October and is about 5, now the others are smaller and becoming more cystic. It’s all good news. We love Dr. Munoz and his wonderful family. It worked, well so far, and we continue. Pat just returned from a week there and I have become a nurse and administer shots and IV regularly. So we will continue on this program, treat at home for two months then go see the good doctor in Tijuana and get another scan.

After originally viewing the cancer video online, I ordered a copy of your cancer DVD and I did not receive it. I need it for further review, as you say there is so much in there, one needs to watch it a few times. Please send asap. Sending you love, blessings and appreciation…and most likely a client or two. :-) 

Mary Jo 

Mazi Moayed, Marin Catholic High Head Football Coach, is Cancer-Free Through Alternative Cancer Treatment

"His is a story which has thus far had a happy ending." 

Article by Dave Curtis, Marin Independent Journal, Posted 08/09/2013

Testimonials for Other Healthcare Concerns

Declining Health, Osteoarthritis, Tired, Stressed and Many Symptoms of Physical Distress

"I want to thank you for referring me to the physician in Santa Rosa, CA, in late February of this year. I had contacted you for advice about my declining health. I had developed osteoarthritis in my right knee and, due to pain and swelling, was barely able to walk. My regular doctor recommended knee replacement surgery. I was feeling tired and stressed out all the time and had developed many symptoms of physical distress.

"The physician you recommended had me do some lab work and other useful evaluations. Since then, I have followed a personalized program of nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower remedies, as well as dietary changes. Based on his recommendations, I saw another physician at a special dental clinic nearby and had metal fillings removed from my teeth. I also saw another physician at a special longevity clinic and he prescribed bio-identical hormone therapy. I have been in physical therapy as well.

"As of today, I feel much better. My knee is no longer swollen and I am pain-free! I have lost weight and have much more energy. Most importantly, I am learning how to take more responsibility for my own personal health. I have been interested in the benefits of alternative medicine for many years. Now, having experienced directly the results of these programs you recommended and encouraged me to participate in, I recognize my body and mind are much stronger and clearer. I am going through a paradigm shift and more fully appreciate the role of preventive and wellness practices in my health. I am reevaluating my total lifestyle to incorporate these new practices that will keep me well. The best news is that I have postponed my knee surgery, perhaps indefinitely!"

Libby Kelly

Transforming People's Lives

"I can't thank you enough for persisting in encouraging me to go to see Dr. Marrongelle. What he has, combined with his tremendous skill and intuition was truly inspiring. Ira and Alice both said that they watched me start to heal before their eyes... my face changed color, my muscles relaxed, he gave me both information that I knew and some that I did not know and was helpful beyond anything I may have expected.

"Burton, to me, this gets back to who YOU are and what YOU are about. You have a passion for healing. You are drawn to those modalities that "do no harm". You have matched people with health issues to practitioners and modalities for so many many cases, transforming the lives of the people involved. Thank You!"


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