First Do No Harm

Why Only Alternative Medicine Can Live up to This Ideal

Alternative medicine does no harm, first and foremost. It costs less, has no costly side effects, in most cases gets better results, and can put the tools for rejuvenation, longevity, and robust good health in your hands. It can also help keep the U.S. from going bankrupt over a $1 trillion-plus annual medical bill.

The writing is on the wall in such big letters these days that you cannot see the wall anymore. What's the writing? That conventional medicine is failing to abide by its prime directive: first, do no harm. You need only read a national newspaper every day for a week to see the evidence. The once formidable conventional medicine establishment is starting to cave in on itself from the weight of its own ignorance, greed, and medical mistakes. It is, regrettably, also doing a lot of harm to its patients and to the American economy.

I've been studying the newspapers every day and here are some of my gleanings:

  • 50,000 American women are retaining lawyers for a probable class action suit against Wyeth-Ayerst, makers of the Norplant contraceptive patch. The women are complaining of headaches, weight gain, joint pains, strokes, paralysis, and other ills.
  • Complications and side effects from prescription drugs and prescribing errors cost the nation $76 billion annually; of this, $47.4 billion a year goes for 8.7 million hospital admissions to treat prescription drug-related problems.
  • Last year 6 million people received 87.3 million prescriptions for Procardia and Adalat (calcium channel blockers) to treat high blood pressure and angina; now experts believe these FDA-approved drugs might cause heart attacks.
  • Even though 2 million people are dying from tuberculosis every year and 1.75 billion people, worldwide, are presumed infected, big drug companies are unwilling to develop any new drugs because there isn't enough profit in it for them.
  • After a Florida surgeon mistakenly amputated the wrong leg of a patient, a colleague said 90% of the surgeons in Florida would have made the same mistake.
  • A New York surgeon consulted the wrong x-rays of a patient then mistakenly operated on the healthy lobe of a cancer patient's brain.
  • California medical authorities seized a 6-year-old California boy (whose mother had been treating his leukemia with herbs) and forced him to undergo chemotherapy.
  • A California woman received a $24 million settlement after she was left blind, paralyzed, and mute after a routine diagnostic test.
  • A Nashville neurologist tried to murder his neurosurgeon boss by lethal injection for failing to advance his career.
  • The U. S. Justice Department filed charges against doctors and hospitals in Danbury, Connecticut, for conspiring to fix prices to keep out lower-priced managed-care companies.

The list grows every day. Do you get the picture? The FDA is supposed to look after our health, but it's clear they abandoned that charter a long time ago. They have everything backwards. They approve Norplant, calcium channel blockers, and silicone breast implants (which, within only a few years of approval, become gravely dangerous to health), and they harass consumers, suppress information, and confiscate herbs, amino acids, and vitamins, which have never been shown to be bad for health. And according to a new study released by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) in Washington, D.C., the FDA may be the cancer patient's worst enemy.

For a copy, write: Competitive Enterprise Institute, 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1250, Washington, D.C. 20036 (202) 331-1010
Fax (202) 331-0640

Oncologists polled believe that cancer patients will die because doctors cannot learn of new, effective treatments as a result of FDA's heavy-handedness about the spread of information.

The free flow of information about new techniques, substances, and treatments is not only the key to health, it is the only way we will rejuvenate the American medical system. "First, do no harm" means let's have informed doctors and patients, and to get that we need to urge Congress to rein in the FDA and to pass the Access to Medical Treatment Acts in the Senate (S-1035) and House (HR-2019). This is imperative.

We need to get out the message first and foremost that alternative medicine does no harm. It costs less, has no costly side effects, in most cases gets better results, and can put the tools for rejuvenation, longevity, and robust good health in your hands. It can also help keep the U.S. from going bankrupt over a $1 trillion-plus annual medical bill.

It is imperative this year that all Americans who believe in alternative medicine write their U.S. senators and representatives expressing support of the Access to Medical Treatment Act, HR-2019 (House bill) and S-1035 (Senate bill). Both bills would allow licensed physicians to provide any form of alternative medicine, even if not FDA approved, provided it does not injure the patient.

Download your copy of these bills on the Internet at

So I urge you to get with this powerful new grassroots, consumer-based movement to rejuvenate American medicine. And while you're at it, consider taking a few prudent steps to look after your own rejuvenation. You'll find plenty of how-to tips on this site. You must get the toxins out of your body if you want to stay healthy. Please, if you don't pay attention to this, you'll become a statistic - another American whose health was lost to some degenerative disease. So arm yourself with the life-saving information on this site and start rejuvenating today. It won't harm you a bit.

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