Knockout: Excerpt from Suzanne Somer's Book

Knockout - Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer, And How to Prevent Getting It In The First Place
by Suzanne Somers

Chapter 12: Interview with Burton Goldberg

"I believe we must use the best from both worlds." — Burton Goldberg

Burton Goldberg is not a doctor but a passionate layperson who has devoted his life to finding the answer to cancer. Among his many projects, he funded, supervised, edited, and published Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, which has become the bible for alternative medicine for laypeople and practitioners everywhere. If you need to know something about the alternative world or whom to go to, you will find it in this magnificent book.

Burton Goldberg says there are two systems of health care that exist in the United States today: conventional Western medicine and alternative medicine. The first is the world of the American Medical Association, medical doctors who rely on drugs and surgery to treat disease symptoms, and who inadvertently align themselves with the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry. Conventional medicine, he says, is superb in dealing with acute medical conditions and traumatic injury. But, he says, there is no question that alternative medicine works better for just about everything else, especially for chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis, and for more common ailments such as asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, and headaches.

He says alternative medicine is more cost-effective in the long term, because it emphasizes prevention and goes after causes rather than symptoms. Alternative methods work by assisting the body to heal itself. They don't trap people on a merry-go-round that begins with one drug and requires them to take another to compensate for the side effects the first one causes. Burton Goldberg is disillusioned that our government ignores well-established alternative medicine treatments and does not allocate federal funds to study them.

Since being diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago, Burton Goldberg has devoted his life to researching the causes of cancer and also educating the public about alternative treatments. He has produced several DVDs on the subject; especially of note is "Cancer Conquest," which presents the best of conventional and alternative medicine, and "Greed," which talks about the robbing of America's health. He believes cancer can be managed by integrating conventional cancer treatment, including low-dose chemotherapy, with alternative medicine, which combines cutting-edge natural treatments and building up the body nutritionally. Those of you who are fearful of using nothing but alternative treatments will find this interview of particular interest.

Burton Goldberg is a passionate and fascinating man. At eighty-three, he defies aging and has the vitality, vigor and good looks of a fifty-year-old. He walks his talk. And it is impressive.

SS: Good day, Burton. You have seventeen books to your name, all of which are incredible, important and life-changing, but I think your most amazing effort is Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. Every time I walk into the office of one of "my kind" of doctors, I see your book sitting on their coffee tables. Why did you undertake a project of such magnitude? Most alternative doctors tell me it's their bible.

BG: I am a healthcare consultant and my work is to guide people and patients to the right doctors to facilitate the reversal of this dreaded disease of cancer. So yes, putting together the guide was like putting the entire alternative school under one roof, and was quite a project. I wanted it to be put in a language that the public could understand. I didn't really do this project for doctors. I also have another book coming out called How to Thrive or Survive in a Toxic World, which is about what causes cancer.

SS: Well, let's get into it, then. How do you prevent getting cancer.

Frankly, it's almost impossible. Our food supply is not the identical food supply we used to have at the turn of the century. In 1900, cancer was maybe the sixth most common cause of death; by next year they predict it will be number one. It will have surpassed heart disease. Of course there is a genetic element, but that's only about 5 percent, and experts are trying to layoff the epidemic on genes, but that is nonsense. They are saying that because they just don't know how else to explain the pandemic.

It's clearly about the food we are eating; it's about the chemicals in our environment. It's the environmental toxicity. We've been exposed to thousands of chemicals that haven't been on the planet before a hundred ago. The body has twenty-five-thousand-year-old genetics and doesn't really have a mechanism for getting rid of a lot of these chemicals, toxins, plastics, hydrocarbons, and pesticides - that we now have in our bodies. We do not have a tool for this. As a result, there develops an accumulation of these toxins - including that we have styrene and phthalates from Styrofoam and plastic bottles. Plasticizers are in the food wraps, plastic water bottles, new car smell, amongst other things... that's phthalates.

Cancer is an epidemic and it boils down to a mixture of poisons in the environment and poisons in our food, coupled with genetics. How do you explain that many, many women are getting breast cancer with no family history of breast cancer? It's obviously toxicity from pharmaceuticals, technology, and the environment.

We also have a tremendous amount of radioactive fallout, and viruses out of control, along with pesticides and herbicides, which are xenoestrogens. An overload in estrogen results not only in breast cancer and prostate cancer, but also brings you out of your equilibrium with your progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen. If you are not in balance hormonally, then there is a great chance that you will develop a tumor.

There are many, many causes of cancer, and it's a multifaceted activity that goes through years and years of changes in the body. We are not eating properly, nor are we aware of the damage caused by eating chemical-laden foods, plus we have tremendous amounts of stress in our lives. So you see, there are a multitude of factors that play a role in why we are getting cancer in these unprecedented amounts. But know this - many of these things you can regulate yourself.

SS: I guess that's the whole point here. We have to understand that if are going to consume chemicals, live with chemicals, and breathe chemicals, we are asking for it. It's not an accident to get cancer. If we allow our stress to run unchecked, if we don't value sleep and get enough of it, then the consequences are ours.

BG: But we have not educated the public. People do not know or understand the consequences of toxicity, so they continue to eat poisoned food loaded with chemicals, with no nutritional value, which is like not eating at all... yet the toxins are creating disease with each breath or they take.

We are being poisoned to death, and we're being starved to death in the land of plenty.

SS: I agree. I call it the slow poisoning of us. The chemicals have crept up on us. We didn't realize, but now, little by little, one by one, some or are starting to wake up. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that there is this silent enemy out there, and everyone is deaf and asleep they don't see it coming.

BG: Yes, and as a result our immune systems are down. We are living in a pressure cooker; the economic conditions are such that our emotions are affected and so are our hormones. I know this because I did a documentary on depression and another one on addiction. Hormones play a role in depression, as you know, Suzanne, and very few doctors pay attention to women's hormones.

Then there are food allergies and food intolerances, which is how I started in this field. It was because of a very sick little girl who I brought to a doctor in Connecticut who no longer practices, and I watched him put people in and out of depression just by giving them food substances. She was so sick because she was hypoglycemic, but it took this alternative doctor to get to the bottom of her problems. Allergies play a big role in health; for instance, some people eat wheat and they fall under the table.

SS: Yes, my daughter had a severe allergy to eggs, and we never put it together. We thought she was just really tired. We never connected the dots that every time she ate eggs she would pass out and fall asleep for a couple of hours. She was gaining weight and no one could figure out why. She was eating salads and eggs so she wouldn't get fat, and then we found out that it was the eggs that were the problem. She was allergic. It took years to find that answer.

My husband is severely gluten intolerant. We didn't connect those dots either; a plate of pasta and he was out like a light. I had guests recently. We all went out for lunch, and they had cupcakes. An hour later they were all sound asleep on the couch. Food affects us, but we have not been trained to listen to our bodies. If you eat something and you bloat afterward, have indigestion, acid reflux, or pass out, that's your body talking - screaming in some cases.

BG: Now the problem with these food intolerances, is after a while the body stops working correctly; it can't absorb the nutrients any more, from the gut being disturbed for so long. Now you've got trouble. No absorption of nutrients, no nutrition, and you starve to death, even though you are eating. Starvation leads to disease. Food intolerances clearly affect those who fall into this category.

Then we have the other outrage - the inappropriate use of antibiotics in farmed fish, in beef, in chicken, and hormones being put into the animals.

SS: Why do they give the animals hormones?

BG: To make them big and fat so they can make more money. There are estrogenic effects from all the hormones that affect us negatively. And other big problem is genetically modified foods (GMO), but the government isn't paying attention to it. There are no studies on what is going with GMO food and its negative effects. They don't want us to know because it will affect business. Then factor into the puzzle of our national poor health all the additives, such as high-fructose corn syrup, in virtually everything. So blend it all together and you realize we've created this milieu of disease.

I'll say it again - we're being starved to death and poisoned, right here in the land of plenty.

How did this happen?

It happened because of greed. It begins with politics, and in order change things there has to be campaign reform. You want to know how to prevent cancer? Make the government agencies aware of what causes cancer, so they can change our food supply and our eating habits and stop poisoning America. Campaign reform is the only way this change can happen, because the money and big business that support our politicians and government officials are the reason these things stay in power.

SS: The food manufacturers are not going to tell us their food is making us sick.

BG: We need a huge call to action. We need to understand that we have to drink bottled water without chemicals. Water - that comes in plastic has phthalates in it, and this is a cause of the high spike in breast cancer and prostate cancer.

In Israel, they did a study on breast cancer and found that the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides used on dairy cows affected women dangerously, so they forbade the use of pesticides and herbicides and all those chemical substances they had been putting into dairy cows, and as a result the female breast cancer rate plummeted in ten years.

At Hartford Hospital they did toxicology on samples of women's breast tissue and found that inside their tumors was arsenic, DDT, and PCP's. So this is what's happening and we the people are the losers. It's impossible to get studies done because there is an entire cabal against finding out the causation of cancer.

SS: Why? Why can't we find the answer? Why aren't there studies?

BG: Because of the fear of not getting funding for research. Holistic physicians know the causes of cancer, but the industry ignores causation because of the greed of instead they allow the public to poisoned, protecting industry instead of us, the people.

What new therapies do you find particularly exciting?

BG: I am very enthused about the work of Dr. Munoz in Tijuana, Mexico. He uses immune therapies, which are the use of substances, biological and synthetic, that will enhance the immune system and direct a response of our immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells. It is called dendritic cell therapy, and it is a very impressive vaccine, an autologous vaccine. Autologous means that we need to take blood sample from the patient, culture it in the lab, and from there we administer it to the patient. Dendritic cells are part of our immune system, but they only produce a small amount of immunity; they don't really know they are in the body, they don't know what their function is, even though they are produced in the body.

Dr. Munoz's work is to culture these cells and from there train them outside of the body - grow them, mature them, and then train them tag and attack the cancer cells in the patient. When they tag the cancer cells, they start to send signals to macrophages, T cells, and natural killer cells to come and help them destroy the cancer cells, and it's amazing what happens. You can see the activity of these cells in the microscope. If you take a blood sample from the patient and give them the dendritic vaccine and start to track those dendritic cells, you can see the activity.

SS: What kind of results is he getting?

BG: Out of twenty patients he has nineteen patients responding "excellently" to this therapy. He has at least six full remission patients, the other thirteen are considered stable, between stable and partial remission. He is seeing this in the first seven to ten days after he applies dendritic cells. Miraculously, the patients start to feel better so quickly their symptoms become less aggressive, pain starts to subside, and they start to eat better. Dr. Munoz had one patient with prostate cancer whose PSA at the beginning of treatment was 800, with bone metastasis spreading to all the vertebrae, the ribs, hips, legs, plus this man was in severe pain. After the treatment, and within one month, his PSA was 0.89, the pain was completely gone, and the bone scans showed a 60 percent improvement for all the bone lesions.

As a healthcare consultant, when someone comes to me looking for the appropriate doctor and treatment and if they have a stage IV cancer, I usually send them to Dr. Munoz. He's got a great understanding of this disease and uses the vaccines but also enzymes, like Wobenzym, which takes away the shield that cancer cells develop against any antagonist. Dendritic cell therapy trains your immune system to attack your cancer.

Many vaccines are available from integrative medicine, but they are ignored by conventional cancer therapy. Most sick people have to have their nutrition delivered by IV. It's far more effective because they can metabolize it this way.

Dr. Marty Dayton is a brilliant doctor out of Florida and he's done research on the need for nutrition concurrent with chemotherapy. Nutrition is everything. We have to understand where the poisons are coming from; when we open a can of beer or soda or water we don't realize it's lined with bisphenol A, a chemical poison. We think we can take in all these poisons and not get ill? What are we thinking?

Conventional medicine will tell you nutrition isn't all that important; in fact, they say it's antagonistic to chemotherapy to feed nutrition to chemotherapy patients. But nutrition is crucial for sick people. When using chemo, it is imperative to properly nourish the patient, as ultimately it is your immune system that will save you. This is integrative. Conventional therapy says that nutrition is counterproductive and offsets chemo's efficacy. Well, they are totally wrong, and consequently patients are being starved to death in a land of plenty.

SS: What do you think of conventional cancer treatment, i.e., chemotherapy?

BG: The way chemo is practiced in this country is medieval. It is cookbook medicine. You must treat the person who has the cancer, not the cancer or tumor alone. It requires a systemic lifestyle change and detoxification.

When I did my cancer book in 1997, I didn't believe in chemo because at that time (and still today) the success rate using chemo alone after five years - was a dismal 2.5 percent. With the sophisticated cancer testing now done in Germany, doctors can target cancer cells with low-dose chemotherapy (as little as 10 to 20 percent) and insulin potentiation therapy [IPT] used , conjunction with full-body hyperthermia, which can have amazing results.

The theory behind insulin potentiation therapy is that cancer grows on sugar. Insulin is used like a Trojan horse to carry chemo or other natural substances into the cancer cells, thereby using less toxic amounts with greater efficacy.

Explain to me the new cutting-edge, integrative cancer treatments. For instance, what is Poly-MVA?

BG: Poly-MVA is alpha-lipoic acid with palladium. It is an overcounter, natural chemotherapeutic agent. And its usefulness depends on the stage of the cancer, the virulence of the cancer, and the compliance of the patient, the mental state of the patient. It has multiple factors, all of which come in, but number one is the maestro - in other words, the doctor who is handling it. And there are very few doctors who understand this therapy and know how to do it.

Poly-MVA is a very interesting therapy. I was in Texas at a conference on cancer and I met a guy who was on Poly-MVA-which, incidentally Dr. Forsythe administers within his protocol and does it very well. Anyway, this guy had multiple myeloma, which is a severe bloodlbone cancer, a terrible cancer which cracks up the bones, and sadly, conventional medicine has had zero success with it.

So the oncologist gave this man three months to live, and naturally, he was depressed. His wife was reading Dr. Stephen Sinatra's newsletter where he was talking about multiple myeloma and said an effective treatment for this disease is Poly-MVA treatment. So he tried the therapy three months later he went back to his original oncologist and his doctor said, "Guess what? You don't have multiple myeloma."

SS: If this is such an effective treatment, why isn't it mainstream.

No one is going to spend millions researching something you buy over the counter.

What is hydrazine sulfate?

BG: Hydrazine sulfate is a chemical produced for industry and is over the counter, and it has had great success with cancer. It is used to stop cancers from producing lactic acid, which turbocharges cancer cells. Hydrazine sulfate is much maligned by the cancer industry but is very effective against brain and all other cancers. It is very inexpensive. But because it competes with extremely expensive chemo drugs, its efficacy is played down. There is so much deceit exercised by the cancer establishment; hydrazine sulfate was discovered by Dr. Joseph Gold and is primarily an anti-cachexia agent, which keeps the body, for lack of a better description, from "eating itself," as so often happens in the last stages chemotherapy treatments. A lot of testing has been done on this in Russia by the Petrov Institute in St. Petersburg.

To fight cancer requires a strong body. Some beneficial treatments Burton Goldberg has come across to build up the body and strengthen it are:

Ondamed machine. A German biofeedback device that finds the blockage in the patient - whether it be mental or physical - and relieves it, putting the body back into homeostasis. I own this machine and use it to determine areas of weakness in my body so I am able to do what is necessary to strengthen.

Asyrus devices. Also known as electric-dermal screening. It is a testing device using resonance (quantum physics) to measure organ efficacy and determine what products will mediate homeostasis.

BioFocus. For this promising blood test, they ship the patient's blood to Germany to determine the DNA of the patient's cancer cells, to find which chemo or natural substance will target the primary and floating cancer cells throughout the body.

Whole-body hyperthermia. A sophisticated, computerized heat regulation that allows cancer-killing medications to penetrate cancer cells.

Iscador. An extract of the mistletoe plant that has been used for centuries for cancer remission. Builds up the immune system.

Autologous vaccines. Vaccines made from the patient's own blood.

SS: I have used Iscador and had many Ondamed treatments. In fact, I attribute my ability to recover from the trauma I wrote about at the beginning of this book to this device. It rebalanced my energies and allowed my body to recover from the emotional and physical trauma.

BG: The primary cancer is not the killer - it is the disseminated cells that mutate. We are looking for cancer in the wrong place, and that is why some integrative doctors are having an 80 percent success rate with end-stage cancers using these effective treatments I have mentioned. This is integrative medicine: using the best that orthodox and alternative medicines have to offer in conjunction with each other.

SS: What about diet? How important is diet relative to cancer prevention?

BG: It is imperative relative to prevention not to eat foods that turn into sugar, like pasta, bread, rice, potatoes. Cancer thrives on sugar.

I'm happy to hear you say that. My series of Somersize weight loss books subscribed to that theory. It's the insulin connection. Avoiding foods the body turns to sugar is not only cancer protective but also a great way to lose weight permanently.

What drives you, Burton Goldberg? You certainly have passion.

BG: What drives me is being incensed at the insensitive political situation that allows so much horror and illness to occur. Everybody's sick - your grandfather has a problem, your grandmother has a problem, your kids have a problem, attention deficit is out of control. What drives me is the passion to right a wrong.

What I have learned over the last thirty years on the causes of cancer is that cancer can be successfully reversed. Once you have cancer you have to stay on top of it; you can never give up. Treatment has to be specific to your cancer, and there are tests that are available today that will target your cancer cells, either with chemotherapy used interactively or with natural substances. This will be the difference between success and failure. I'm a healthcare consultant, and I'm available to guide anyone who wants my services to help identify a practitioner or therapy to treat this dreaded disease. I can be contacted at

SS: Thank you. We all thank you, Burton. 

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