An Open Letter to Joe Biden about His Moon Shot to Cure Cancer

Dear Vice President Biden,

I was very troubled to hear about your son Beau's death from brain cancer. Please accept my sincerest of condolences.

I am writing to you today because you have proposed a moon shot to cure cancer. I have studied medicine for 40 years, I am a well-respected author who has sold more than 1,100,000 books, I'm known as "The Voice of Alternative Medicine," and I've testified before Congress on cancer. I know it's going to be difficult to believe what I am about to tell you, but the only way your opportunity to cure cancer will be successful is if you understand government corruption is what prevents us from finding a cure for cancer. Stay with me please, Mr. Vice President, when I say to you the government is so systemically corrupt, causing the majority of money spent so far on cancer research to be allocated improperly.

You must understand what you're up against. It is the cabal that distributes the money for cancer research. Despite the success integrative methods have achieved in putting cancer into remission, the cancer cabal, agencies like the National Cancer Institute and the FDA, refuse to sufficiently fund research on or endorse those methods. They refuse to pay sufficient attention to the causes of cancer even though research continues to pour in proving what the causes of cancer are. Everything from antibiotics, hormones, additives in meat, genetically modified food, pesticides, and dozens of other factors that I mention in my 1,110-page book Alternative Medicine: Definitive Guide to Cancer. Yet, have you ever heard an oncologist yell and scream, "What's causing cancer?" You can read more about the causes of cancer in my "Real Causes of Cancer and Alzheimer's" article on

Look, Mr. Vice President. I know it's hard to believe the American Cancer Society, the CDC, and the powers which finance cancer research have not properly allocated the billions spent every year on cancer research, but I ask you to keep an open mind because I've studied this issue for 40 years. Nixon's war on cancer failed because the cancer cabal - agencies like the National Cancer Institute and the FDA are ignoring the causes of cancer and the non-toxic treatments. Nixon's war on cancer didn't fail due too of lack of money; it failed because of government greed and corruption.

President Roosevelt created the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect the people of this country. Lincoln created the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Nixon created the EPA for the same reason. Our government has become so corrupt these same agencies which were created to protect its citizens are now protecting industry instead! The appointed heads of these agencies are often those very industry representatives. It's all about greed and protecting the industries to which the agency heads will return after they leave their agency post.

Your opportunity to affect a cure on cancer will only succeed if the government appoints agency heads which do not have strong ties to the industry the agency is regulating.

Meanwhile, people are dying of cancer while the drug companies profit and it doesn't have to be this way. Profit would still be there even if the greed factor is conquered. There are many affordable, integrative treatments. Integrative physicians are wiping out this dreaded disease and they're doing it without using toxic methods to poison cancer patients. Instead, they're using low-dose, targeted chemotherapy at 5% to 15% of the standard dose along with other complimentary treatments. People are going back to work and being productive and paying taxes. Integrative physicians have an astounding success rate. I'm living proof - I've had cancer twice and integrative medicine helped put it into remission each time. I'm 89 years old and I'm flourishing. You can read more about integrative cancer treatments and their success rate in my "Cancer Remission" article available at

We will never succeed in winning the war on cancer unless two things happen. First, the government must start eliminating the causes of cancer and punish the industries that introduce them into society, much like regulating lead out of fuel and paint. Second, the government must transform the FDA into an agency which doesn't discourage cancer patients from working with integrative and alternative physicians who are using non-toxic therapies which have consistently put patients into remission. Only greed in the government is stopping these integrative therapies.

Think on this Mr. Vice President. We didn't have screens in our windows in 1900. We didn't have pure water. The average adult age was 49 because so many children died before the age of 5, but only 3% of the population had cancer. In 1900 people ate meat every day - lots of meat - and very few people got cancer. We are poisoning ourselves and our government agencies are complicit.

If you're interested in tapping in to my 40 years of knowledge on the subject, I'm at your service. I also encourage you to read the articles on my website since they explore this topic in greater depth and use this letter as an introduction to the issues at hand.

Burton Goldberg

The Voice of Alternative Medicine

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