A Letter to My Daughter

About forty years ago, a woman that I loved had a daughter who attempted suicide at the age of 19 by slitting her wrists. Though the daughter was seeing a psychiatrist she was, quite frankly, being talked to death. After her suicide attempt the psychiatrist said that he was giving up on her. His only suggestion to the mother was that she try vitamin therapy. The mother asked me if I had ever heard of vitamin therapy, and I said that no, I hadn’t. I asked a psychic friend of mine, Iris Saltzman, about it and she said that not only had she heard of it, her son practiced it. I flew with the girl and her mother to San Jose, California to consult with him. He was a doctor of osteopathy and practiced something called alternative medicine.

Within a day, he discovered that the young lady was hypoglycemic; when he gave her a five-hour glucose tolerance test she began shaking like a leaf. He put her on a special diet and a course of nutrients, which she followed closely, and as a result soon recovered from her mental illness. When I saw that—when I saw how mental illness could be mediated by nutrition—I decided to study alternative medicine. I began to read everything I could on the subject.

A few years later, this doctor told me he was considering buying a company and asked me to give him my thoughts on its value. So I met him in Las Vegas and was introduced to an electro-dermal screening device and the use of homeopathy in the screening of disease. When I left they loaded me up with 20 bottles of homeopathic remedies. I thought it was probably nonsense and didn’t use any.

A year later, I was having an apres-ski meeting with my dear friend Harold Whitcomb, who was a medical doctor. Dr. Whitcomb was so allergic to certain foods that if he ate a piece of bread, for example, he would fall under the table comatose. He had recently done a week-long course of testing, at a cost of $3,000, with a doctor in Oakland (who had previously been a Harvard professor). The doctor did sensitivity tests for allergens by giving people shots of various substances; if a welt was raised on the skin it indicated an allergic reaction. I told Dr. Whitcomb, and his friend Joe McGovern, also a medical doctor, about my experience with the electro-dermal screening device and the homeopathics, laughing about it and rather deriding it, when Joe said, “Don’t laugh. They cured one of my failures. I had a patient, a farmer, in a hospital in Utah. He was dying, and I was trying to find out what was wrong with him. In rolled one of the electrodermal screening devices, and within an hour they found out what pesticides the farmer had poisoned himself with. They made up the homeopathic medicines for him, detoxified him, and the patient lived.”

When we heard this testimonial, Dr. Whitcomb and I decided to fly together to Las Vegas to check out electrodermal screening. Testing with the screening device produced exactly the same results as the Oakland doctor had in his one week and $3,000 worth of testing, but for a few hours and for $200. Dr. Whitcomb bought one of the machines and used it in his practice for many years.

After this experience I decided that the only doctors I wanted to use where those who used this kind of device. Recently I was screened by a woman who is very good, and who found some disease conditions in me that would probably manifest in three years. She is treating me homeopathically to catch this in the bud. If you catch something early enough, it’s easy to reverse it. That goes for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and all the plagues of humankind.

When I recently visited my daughter in Southern California, I offered her the gift of an electro-dermal screening. But she refused, saying that she doesn’t believe in it. She is married to a medical doctor, who believes it is quackery. Yet I am 86 years old, and everything works. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had problems, but I have resolved my problems. When I had kidney failure, my son-in-law predicted I would come back from Germany (where I was being treated) in a box. That was in 2004, and I am still alive and healthy today.

Two years ago cancer passed heart disease as the number one killer, with diabetes being number three. However, the true killer is iatrogenic medicine, which means doctor-induced disease. Properly prescribed drugs kill more people per year in the US than any disease. For every drug, there is a natural substance that will do the same, but without side effects. I have had cancer twice, and recovered both times. For most people, it isn’t a question of will I have cancer, it is a question of when.

It is a known fact that medicine is controlled by Big Pharma, who in turn controls our government’s involvement in medicine. Any doctor who comes with a system that is against Big Pharma will run afoul of it. Anybody who comes up with a treatment that will work on cancer or any other disease, Big Pharma will discredit them and fabricate charges against them. This has been going on for many, many years. When Suzanne Somers had cancer, she used my cancer book, The Alternative Guide to Cancer, to help find alternative and integrative treatments, and doctors who would carry out those treatments. She chronicled her experience in her book Knockout, and how the doctors whom she saw were routinely castigated for using alternative and integrative cancer treatments.

Part of what we do in the reversal of cancer through alternative and integrative medicine is to remove the poisons that allow the immune system to falter in the first place, and that allow the cancer to survive and grow. We pay attention to detoxifying the body and getting rid of the causes.

Diet is extremely important. We pay attention to the acid-alkaline balance in the body. And there are dental implications—95% of women with breast cancer have a dental involvement. As much as 50% of the reversal of cancer may be in the oral cavity.

Cancer is expanding rather than diminishing. We declared war on cancer in the time of Nixon. We have gone to the moon, we have invented iPads, and we can’t cure cancer? More people die from cancer every year than from all the wars that were fought since the beginning of this country as a nation. It’s like one World Trade Center tower falling and killing people every day—that’s what the death rate translates to. The reason we haven’t cured cancer is because it is tied to money. Natural therapies are always denied by the cartel that really owns the government through campaign contributions. The medical establishment, and the government, call alternative medicine people charlatans and quacks.

I am sorry that my daughter did not accept my gift of electro-dermal screening. Early detection is important. Treating disease is a snap if it is found early. Don’t wait for the diagnosis; by then you are behind the curve.

Burton Goldberg
Summer 2012

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