Cancer, Politics, Our Food Supply, Biological Dentistry, Mammography and much more…

Burton's Radio Interview with Sherrill Sellman, N.D. on the What Women Must Know Radio Program: 2/1/10

SS: So, talking about my commitment to provide truthful information so that you can be empowered to make choices. That really is also the theme of the mission of my guest today.  We’re very fortunate to have Burton Goldberg here with us for the entire hour talking about the leading edge research in areas of cancer research, or alternative medicine in general. Burton is just a font of knowledge and wisdom. He travels around the world and has spent the last thirty years carefully researching every aspect of holistic medicine and it has taken him all over the United States and all over the world to China, Mexico, to Russia, to Israel, to wherever the leading edge thinkers are, the leading edge modalities are, Burton is there. And he has emerged as the voice of alternative medicine. He actually rose to prominence with the publication in 1994 of his best-selling book called Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, which I must say I have and it is one of my bibles.  And he has recently had an entire chapter dedicated to him and his research on the area of cancer treatments in Suzanne Somers’ new book Knockout.  So we’re going to have a very exciting show and very informative show talking with Burton today. So, I’d like to welcome you to the show, Burton.

BG: Thank you.  It’s good to be with you.

SS: Well, it’s a pleasure having you and you really have made this such a passion - traveling wherever there is something to be learned that you feel is of value.

BG: I’ve been studying medicine now for 33 years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that until we change the politics in this country - the way we elect our officials, nothing will change. They’re hiding the information of what causes all this illness from the public and it’s important to understand that campaign reform is one of the evils which is robbing us of our health, whether it be children, which is autism. Autism is now one in 110. In 1970, it was one in 10,000. Look at that difference!  Cancer is epidemic. So I spend a lot of time now educating the public as to the need for campaign reform of all things. Taking back our government from the corporations.

SS: Yes, you know, we’ll get into all of this, but what interests me, Burton, is you started out as a very traditional, I think traditional, business man. At least you were focusing on business, and then suddenly your life changed. Obviously, you took on a cause and a mission and a passion. And I’m just wondering what was the turning point for you personally that took you into this world. Not only researchers, but, you know, you’re an advocate for change.

BG: I was, many years ago, 33 years ago, my friend’s daughter, the woman I lived with at the time. I lived in Miami. I was a builder, developer, restaurateur, hotelier - I had no concept of medicine. This friend of mine’s daughter, at the age of 19, slit her wrist. And, it was a holistic physician in California who discovered that she was hypoglycemic. Simply a blood sugar imbalance, and when she was treated with diet and nutrients, she got well from mental illness, depression, anxiety. That was the turning point. And I started studying heart disease and reading books on emotions in the beginning, and from there it swung into everything else, and eventually I retired and it took 4 years to do the book Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. That’s what put me into the world of integrative and alternative medicine.

SS: Well, you know, there’s so much to talk about. I know because Suzanne Somers’ book is the most recent book that you have been featured in, maybe we could talk a little bit about - what does Suzanne Somers talk to you, and what is the information in your chapter. That, I think, is really relevant that we share with our listeners today.

BG: Well, my relationship with Suzanne started many, many years ago when she got cancer. She had breast cancer, and she was on the Larry King show for doing liposuction. It turns out one of the scandal sheets had blown the whistle that she had liposuction. So she went on Larry King, and he said,” Why did you do it?” She said, “Oh, I had breast cancer and I wanted to even out my breasts. He said, “I didn’t know you had breast cancer. What are you doing about it?” She said, “I’m doing alternative medicine.”  “Alternative medicine,” he said. “How did you get into that?”  She said, “Well, there’s a guy by the name of Burton Goldberg who did a book.” At that time, every book I had on the shelf called Definitive Guide to Cancer, was 1100 pages. That was in 1997 that I did that book. It sold out, and that’s how I got to know Suzanne was into alternative and integrative medicine at the time.

She used a thing called Mistletoe, which is a kind of European homeopathic that boosts the immune system. For, after all, if you have cancer, the only thing that is going to save you is your immune system, and that’s what Naturopathic medicine pays attention to. She saw my films. I did a documentary called Cancer Conquest where I show how there are tests in Europe that will tell the doctor which chemotherapeutic agents will work on their cancer. Because the conventional method of treating cancer, Sherrill, is truly medieval. I mean your hair falls out, your teeth get bloody and loose, and then you regurgitate. There’s something violently wrong with that picture. In the integrative and alternative medicine, the doctors pay attention to your immune system. They pay attention to removing the poisons and toxins that caused your cancer in the first place. Conventional medicine pays no attention. The alternative or integrative physician will pay attention to the diet. After all, what feeds cancer - sugar. And where does sugar come from - alcohol, desserts, corn, wheat, bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. These elements are never discussed by conventional doctors.

As a matter of fact, you go to the hospital and they give you jello, which is 70% sugar. So there’s a tremendous disconnect. And so Suzanne has known my books. I also did another film I’m working on distribution for called Greed, and Greed is about the politics of how our health is being robbed by agencies of the United States government that were designed to save us or to protect us from industry, are not protecting us, they’re protecting industry because industry gives money, the corporations give money to the politicians and the politicians need money to run. Your congressman and senator spend over half of their time searching for money. And when someone gives them money, they expect something back in return. That’s human nature. So we, the public, are being sold down the river.

 For instance, even in this administration that I supported, that I sent money to. I’m terribly disappointed in Obama. He put a woman in charge; Hamburger is her name, a head of the FDA. She was on the board of the Shine Company and they are manufacturers of silver fillings or mercury silver fillings, the amalgam fillings, which are 52% mercury, which are deadly and leach twenty four-seven, and yet she withdrew the warning on the FDA website to be careful of amalgams because she’s on their board. And when studies came up to show how deadly these are and the kind of havoc they wreak with our society – not only cancers of all kinds - arthritis and many, many other problems. She withdrew that from the website. So it shows that until we have campaign reform - and last week the Supreme Court ruled, or the week before, that corporations could give as much money as they want to the politicians. This is devastating to our health. So that’s one of the reasons she selected me.

She saw my film where we talk about how the FDA and National Cancer Institute do not want to cure cancer. That’s a pretty bold statement, isn’t it? They scuttle every single physician who rises above the crowd and says, “Wait a minute, let’s clean our environment. Let’s clean up your environment within you. Let’s pull out the heavy metals. Let’s feed the body instead of using chemotherapy and radiation and surgery.”  Because although these things can be useful, radiation I think is a total disaster. But chemotherapy could be useful if done scientifically, but it isn’t.

SS: Can we talk a bit more about that. What have you found in terms of the best way to use chemotherapy, if it’s even appropriate?

BG: These is an appropriate way to use chemotherapy and sometimes the chemotherapy medications could be natural, like Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which when used with Vitamin C, expatiates its effectiveness. There are studies in Germany, and I mention this in my film, and anyone out these who has cancer - you must see my film. It’s called Cancer Conquest. It could save your life. It covers this subject in depth. I went to Germany, and I found a Bavarian doctor by the name of Albert Scheller. Albert Scheller was the doctor who saved Roy’s life in Sigmund and Freud. Do you remember Roy was bitten by the animal?

SS: Right. I do.

BG: Well, that animal didn’t bite him maliciously. What happened, Roy had a stroke on stage and the animal who dearly loved Roy picked him up by the neck to carry him off like a puppy to safety, and thereby infecting him. He was on seven or eight medications, and he finally, when he was near death, went to his friend Albert Scheller in a private ambulance plane. He couldn’t lift his head off the pillow. Albert immediately started feeding him intravenously with nutrition, which they don’t do in the hospitals. As a matter of fact, when you do chemotherapy, the conventional doctors tell you that it’s counterproductive to use nutrition concurrent with chemo, and ladies and gentlemen, nothing could be further from the truth.

So, Dr. Albert Scheller cleaned him up, fixed him up, and fed him intravenously, and Roy is alive. But on the poor side, Albert, who had diabetes, died visiting him in Las Vegas about four years ago. I lost my dearest friend, who was one of the greatest cancer physicians in the world. He was my mentor, and he taught me about this German blood test where you send the blood to this laboratory. It’s a square block in Recklinghausen Germany, and they tell you which chemotherapeutic agent will work on your cancers, and it’s usually not the prescription. For instance, you may end up using Herceptin, which is generally for breast cancer, by the cookbook. You may use it on colorectal cancer, or I knew a man with prostate cancer who used an ovarian cancer drug. See here’s the story:

SS: How did he do that? What is it that they’re testing and how do they make those matches?

BG: Well, when I did my book Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide to Cancer, the one that Suzanne Somers used as her bible, I didn’t believe in chemotherapy because chemotherapy, using it alone with nothing else, after five years has a 2 ½% success rate. So when I did the book in 1997, I didn’t believe in chemotherapy. But after the Genome Project was developed in 2000, they were able to take the blood and find out which chemotherapeutic agent will target those cells. And here’s the interesting thing - Dr. Sellman, all cancers shed. Even blood cancers, even if they don’t put the needle in, called a biopsy. Or they don’t do surgery, because once they put the needle in, and once they put the knife in, these cancer cells leach and they travel through the body and they’re called micrometastases, micro cells, and they can metastasize.

When they do, they modify, and the chemotherapeutic agent that will work on the tumor, because that’s what conventional oncology is paying attention to - the tumor, the tumor, the tumor.  The tumor is the lesser of the evils. It’s these floating cells that are the killers. That’s why it comes back and that’s what my film is all about. It comes back, and it comes back with vengeance, and what works, the chemotherapeutic agent that worked on the primary, will not work on these cells. And this test in Germany, called Biofocus, and anyone who’s interested in this, go to my website Go to cancer blood tests. I’ll shoot you over to the German website, and you can read it in English (just click on the English version in the right-hand corner) and read all about this. This is mind-blowing, and of course it’s been offered to the United States government, it’s been offered to the National Cancer Institute, and they refused to use it. Isn’t that amazing?!

SS: Yeah, it’s amazing. So let me just follow this. The cancer cells that are migrating through the blood system respond to a different type of treatment than the primary tumor responds to.

BG: Correct.

SS: So you have to have a targeted approach. Number one, to the primary site. Then, to all these other little cells that are cancer cells swimming in the blood stream, and then they’re going to find their way to various organs. That’s a different type of treatment that’s required to address the stopping of metastasis.

BG: Exactly. You need to target these cells, and you need to use the latest science, and it is out of Germany.

SS: So, do they culture the cells to see which chemotherapeutic agents are most effective?

Exactly. You send your blood over on a Monday or Tuesday. You Federal Express it to Recklinghausen Germany. It has to be collected in a glass syringe, not plastic, and in this country they don’t make glass anymore, because the cells will stick to the plastic, so it has to be collected properly. You send it Monday or Tuesday, because it doesn’t want to go over the weekend because it will get stale. And then they put it through their process using the Genome Project, to know, gene wise, what will target those cells. This is new science. It’s unbelievable! Now, that’s not the whole story. Then these doctors are able to use standard chemotherapies - using it differently though, in low dose, at 10%, so you don’t have the violent side effects. You know, I’m a cancer consultant.  I guide people with cancer - end stage cancers. And it’s amazing they don’t lose their hair, they don’t vomit, and they get well. And they get their cancers put into remission, even end-stage, stage-3 and -4. This is amazing!

SS: Right.

BG: By using multiple systems that are totally not with conventional cancer treatments. Now these doctors that I use and send people to them, about 50%, and about 50% of the patients will not get chemotherapy whatsoever. They’ll all be natural substances.

SS: OK. So I want to talk about some of those options, but just let me finish with the Biofocus, the cancer blood tests. So you have to use a glass syringe. Do they send you all this stuff?

BG: You contact them and they tell you where you can order it. You can order a kit from a depot in the United States. It’s mailed to you. You bring it to your doctor. I do this incidentally.

SS: So people can contact you and you do this?

BG: Yeah, they can contact me, but they can also go directly to them on the Internet, or I can give them their phone number. But anyone that has cancer and is interested in a consultation - believe me, it’s worthwhile.

SS: And, Burton, can you give me just an idea. If someone were to do this, what would be the cost, because obviously this would be out of pocket or is this something that has the potential to be covered?

BG: It’s generally, out of pocket, but certain policies can pay through insurance, and there are companies that become advocates and collect for you. But basically, you figure it’s out of pocket. I have treatments, everything from $4000 total to $4000 - $5000 per week, so it varies on the amount of money you have and where you go and the stage of your cancer. And it’s very valuable. Now there’s another aspect here, it’s dentistry. Dentistry is as much as 50% in the reversal of cancer. How’s that? That’s in my movie, and that’s what Suzanne Somers had me in her book for. So you ask, “What has dentistry got to do with my prostate cancer or my breast cancer?” Ladies and gentlemen, as much as 50% in the reversal of cancer can be in the mouth.

 In the case of breast cancer, it’s 95%. There’s a German university that did the study - 95% of females with breast cancer have a dental involvement. Now it’s complicated. It’s been different things, besides the silver fillings, because the silver is just a name. It’s really predominantly mercury. It’s 50% mercury. That’s why it’s silver and other metals. And there are infections under the gum called cavitation. There are root canals that can go bad. There’s electrolytic action between the metals. For instance, boat builders and roofers spend more time in the marriage of metals than do dentists. And so, it’s imperative to go to a biological dentist (2) because conventional dentists just don’t know what we’re talking about. I’ll never forget, I once had a cancer clinic in Arizona, and we used quantum physics devices.  There’s one device, called the Asyra, that I particularly like.

SS: I actually use that system in my practice.

BG: Congratulations! That system, we have had, Cheryl. You can get it updated. It will put every chemotherapeutic agent known in it. It can be updated with that. We have had a 100% correlation between the Asyra for chemotherapeutic agents for the patient. Not only on the floating cells, but on the primary site.

SS: Well, do you know. Let me just mention this for bringing up the Asyra. I work remote. I get peoples’ samples, hair samples. I had a patient who gave me her hair sample and I tested her on this piece of technology, and it showed where she had two serious infections going on in her bones and her teeth. She took the information to the dentist, who said there was no visible sign of any infection going on. And based on results of the Asyra test, God bless that dentist, he went in and found massive infection underneath of a root canal.

BG: Isn’t that something. Once the infection, and this is very important for everyone to listen to - not every root canal has to be removed. There are ways of doing healthy root canals. But once the infection leaves the tooth and goes into the bone, that tooth must be extracted. You see, every root canal has three miles of tubules, and so when you have pain, which is the reason the root canal went in the first place, the nerves were injured by the infection. It’s very difficult to get that infection out of those tubules. But today some of the biologic dentists, the good ones, will use two things - ozone and lasers. But lasers don’t go around the bend - they go straight, but ozone goes all the way around the bend, and can kill the pathogens that are in the teeth, and that’s a good way of doing a root canal. I have root canals and I’ve had the old ones taken out and the good quality ones put in by a very expert biologic dentist. You must use a biological dentist (2). Conventional dentists are totally ignorant of this.

SS: Burton, can you explain to the people who are listening the connection between teeth and infections in the bone and things like breast cancer because you said there was up to a 95% correlation for breast cancer and teeth.

BG: Exactly. Well, there are parts of the body where blood goes through when the mercury leaches and it tightens up these round houses of energy and doesn’t allow the breast to detoxify. Every tooth has a meridian system, which is the basis of Chinese acupuncture connected to it, and it’s connected to every organ and system in the body. So the knee bone is connected to the head bone (laughs). Then you have the nervous system, where you have the pain, that’s connected to every organ system in the body.

 I’ll never forget at the clinic I had in Arizona. This man had excruciating pain in the prostate. The Asyra-type device that we used at the time wasn’t the Asyra, it was another one. The Asyra is the much later fantastic version. It said that this tooth was causing this excruciating pain. The instant the dentist extracted the tooth - the end of pain. That’s how vital it is. There are people who have gallbladder operations when it’s the tooth that is sitting on the gallbladder meridian. You will see, that every tooth in the head is connected to every organ and system in the body. They vary. Not every one, one may be on what’s called the triple warmer, the lungs, or this or that and so forth, and there’s a relationship. So, a good biological dentist understands this. They’re trained in this. So, dentistry plays an enormous role, even in animals.

SS: This is a conversation everyone must listen to. And it’s not just if you know somebody that’s facing the challenge of cancer, but this a conversation that we need to listen to prevent that from happening, or to know where to go when something of this nature occurs. We don’t want to wait until a diagnosis occurs and then try to figure out what to do. Isn’t that right Burton?

BG: You know that is really truly one of the greatest faults in conventional medicine. They do not see cancer coming early. The cancer that you’re diagnosed with, you generally have for 3-9 years. You’ve had it, and yet we don’t look for it. When you do find it early, it’s a snap. It’s that late stage that really, truly is difficult.  But what you just said is really important. Seeing disease before it manifests and that’s why that device that you have called the Asyra is so important [Asyra videos on Youtube].

SS: So, Burton, in your travels and your research, what are some of the other approaches and modalities, you know, treatments that you have found to be most reliable. I think it’s so confusing for people. You know, there are so many options if you’re looking for an alternative way to address the cancer, but often we don’t know who to trust and where to go and what will work.

BG: That’s absolutely true, and that’s why I’ve built my life to the service of guiding people with cancer and explaining it. One of the most promising is, of course, low-dose chemotherapy, but knowing which ones. Then the delivery with insulin potentiated using sugar to carry the chemotherapeutic molecule in, whether it is pharmaceutical or natural because there are some natural substances that are pretty phenomenal. The other thing is vaccines. There are marvelous vaccines, autologous, coming from your own blood. We’re even doing stem cells now. Taking your own stem cells and mixing it with dendritic cells from your immune system, training your immune system to attack your cancer. This is mind-blowing stuff and very few people are aware of it.

SS: Is this happening here in the United States:

BG: Actually, no. Mostly in Mexico or overseas. There are some in the United States doing part of it. But the problem in this country is they truly don’t want to cure cancer. And they attack all the doctors who go outside the box. Like in Suzanne Somers’ book, they had Dr. Forsythe up in Reno, and they tried to remove his license. They did horrible things to him. He won in court. He beat them. He’s suing them now. They even went to his patients and told his patients not to use him; that he had bad materials and bad substances and so forth. It’s amazing how, out there, the FDA did this.

SS: Well, can we go back to breast cancer. What have you learned about breast cancer and the best way to treat breast cancer, and what are your thoughts on thermography as opposed to mammography?

BG:  Well, the cat came out of the bag just recently when a panel said that they think that mammograms do harm and that female patients shouldn’t have them done unless they’re a certain age. The truth of the matter is mammography is an x-ray. Now, just listen to this ladies and gentlemen. When you go to the dentist, they put a lead sheet over your sexual organs, and then they run out of the room.The reason they’re running is because x-rays, dental x-rays and all x-rays, mutate the cells, and the cells mutate aberrantly. So when they reproduce, they reproduce aberrantly, and that’s one of the causes of breast cancer.

There are plenty of studies that show that, and yet it’s not told to the American public.Then they squeeze your breast in the vice, and of course, if you have a lesion, you could squeeze those cells into the bloodstream. So it’s known that mammograms cause cancer, number one. Number two; there are many, many false positives. There isn’t any cancer there, which demands that they put the needle in. They do biopsies. I don’t believe in biopsies. If you think it’s cancer, then you treat it like cancer. There’s ways of testing and so forth without doing a biopsy. Biopsies spread it. The minute that needle goes in, it spreads. That’s why it’s so important for people understand they have options, and to me, the option is integrative medicine. Using the best of both worlds. Now I wouldn’t have said that back in 1997. Not until this European blood test was developed. But today, use the best of both worlds. I’m not against using chemotherapy, honestly, with low-dose so you don’t have the violent side effects and you’re targeting cells.

SS: But I just want to say, making sure it’s the most effective chemotherapy and that can only be determined by that blood test or perhaps even the Asyra testing.

BG: Exactly. Exactly. As I said, one of the doctors that I use in Mexico uses the Asyra and has a 100% correlation. That’s pretty terrific. The Asyra device is absolutely amazing, and what’s amazing about it is that the practitioner has no involvement. The patient is involved alone because in many of the quantum physics devices - the Asyra device is Einstein’s work. It’s quantum physics. It’s a way of knowing what’s inside the body without opening it up. Of course, you have these incredible successes with it. And I find that any doctor who doesn’t use an electrodermal screening - that’s another term for electrodermal testing the skin - is really guilty of malpractice. I think it’s that important. And so my kudos to your for using it. You’re way, way ahead of the game. You know stuff that other physicians will not know because they will only use the standard blood test - and that’s important - but it’s also important to use quantum physics.

SS: OK, so we talked about the dangers of mammography, which is really coming to light, and looking at the option, and that is thermography.

BG: The option is thermography - temperature testing. What is thermography?  It’s temperature testing. Every tumor has a blood supply. Cancer needs to be fed blood. That’s how it grows. And when you have blood, you have heat. And so by bringing a person into a screen where you’ll be checking the temperature of parts of their body, it’s obvious where the blood supply is going, and that flags the tumor. So thermography is the healthy way of checking, and you have no radiation.

SS: OK, let’s explore some of the suggestions you would have for anyone who is facing a breast cancer diagnosis. What have you learned? What do we need to know?

BG: Don’t go to a conventional oncologist and understand what your options are. Don’t eat sugar, and pay attention to your immune system. Because, ultimately, it’s your immune system that will heal you. Go, run, don’t walk, to a biological dentist (2). It is imperative. That’s how important it is in the reversal of cancer.

SS: So, you say don’t go to a traditional oncologist. I’m trying to, you know, give our listeners some practical guidance. I mean, would you suggest they organize a phone consultation with you, or do you suggest they call the Cancer Control Society, which is a great organization. I mean, what would be the first step if someone got that terrible diagnosis and they don’t necessarily want to follow that standard protocol of chemotherapy and radiation? You know, I get asked this all the time, and it’s such a challenging question. You know, “what do I do - where do I go?”

BG: It’s not challenging to me because I eat, live, and sleep this.

SS: Good!

BG: A consultation with me would very, very well, and it’s not self-serving. The number one thing you should do is to see my film. And let me tell you this. Cancer is pandemic. It’s epidemic. You know the number one killer is iatrogenic medicine. That means doctor-induced, given drugs or radiation or something that causes illness and disease, and causes death. The number one killers are prescription drugs given legally by doctors, physicians. The number two killer today - cancer has now surpassed heart disease.

SS: Right.

BG: So it is pandemic and all I can say is that seeing my film will give you an understanding of a different way, a different science, that’s practiced. You know, the film takes place in Europe, the United States, and Mexico. And it talks about those physicians who have had great success with cancers, and basically end-stage cancers.  Because if you can reverse end-stage cancer, early cancers are a snap.

SS: And it is possible to reverse the so-called end-stage cancers. I think that’s the most important thought.

BG: Absolutely. There’s no question in my mind. I mean, we’re doing it everyday. People are going to clinics and having enormous success.

SS: Yeah, that’s such an important message because I have had personal experiences with people who were diagnosed with supposedly incurable cancers and they’re alive and well. There’s no sign of cancer in their bodies. So, as long as you’re breathing, you have the opportunity to heal.

BG: With what’s going on now compared to what it was. I have patients alive who I have sent to doctors twenty years ago, who were in a wheelchair, in excruciating pain. They were told “you have 3-4 months to live.” They’re alive and it’s been twenty years. So what you’re saying is absolutely true and I verify that.

SS: And, you know, I recently had Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez on the show, and he shared some of his strategies in what he is doing with pancreatic cancer enzymes, and you know I think that is so enlightening to hear about the options because we don’t generally hear about them, unless, you know, we’re searching.

BG: There are many roads to Rome, and there’s no question in my mind that Nicholas is a great physician. What’s interesting about Nicholas is the diet. You know, a lot of people say you got to be on a vegetarian diet. And he does metabolic testing. He wants to, you know, different strokes for different folks. You know, if your family is from Sweden and you’ve been eating reindeer for a thousand years, you may not be a vegetarian - like if you’re from China or India. So, it is important. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe much in vegetarianism. I haven’t seen too many healthy vegetarians. But in China and India you do because they’ve done that for eons.

 But it is imperative that everyone eat organic, free-range, grass fed. You know, one of the problems with meat is that they’re grass fed and then they bring them to the corn lot to fatten them up at the end, and that corn is not healthy for the animal. It’s not healthy for the humans. So, choose grass fed beef. And I go to the farmers market every Sunday to pick up my meat and vegetables, organic vegetables. It is imperative that we stop this holocaust by getting rid of the pesticides and herbicides. And they put hormones into these animals. They put hormones to make them big and fat and to keep them alive on antibiotics - to keep them alive in filthy conditions. So what you eat is extremely important.

The junk food nation is one of the reasons we have this. We have Mad Cow in our society. Did you hear what I just said? Mad Cow is in our society, and it manifests to some extent in Alzheimer’s. I have proof of this. I did a movie on this subject. Mad Cow, because the U.S. government is so corrupt. Our government is so corrupt, they will not allow a meat packer to check every animal for Mad Cow as they do in Japan and most of the animals in Europe. I eat meat in a restaurant if it’s range grown and I know it. I live in San Francisco Bay and they have lots of restaurants like that. But the rest of the country doesn’t. It’s against the law to test for Mad Cow disease. And if you don’t believe me, google Yale University - autopsies - Creutzfeldt-Jakob, and you will see 14% of your Alzheimer’s in autopsies, dead people that had Alzheimer’s, had Mad Cow Disease. And the University of Pittsburgh…

SS:  And you say it’s illegal to test for Mad Cow in the United States?

BG: Say that again.

SS: Did you say that it is illegal to test for Mad Cow in the United States?

BG:  Creekstone Meat Packers out in the Midwest told the United States government that they were going to set up a lab. They set up a lab to test every one of their animals because they wanted to send beef to Japan. Japan wouldn’t accept it. The U.S. government sued them and the U.S. government lost. It went to Appeals Court and the government was upheld. It is now illegal. This is how corrupt this government is. It is now illegal to test an animal for Mad Cow disease before killing.

SS: (laughs)

BG: Illegal! And you know why? Because we have it. We do have Mad Cow disease in this country!

SS: In the meat supply?

BG: In our meat supply, in the beef. Because we’re feeding animals to animals, it’s cannabilism.  Kuru disease, which came out of New Guinea, where they fed human brains to humans. They ended up with Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Mad Cow disease. We taught the Europeans how to do it, and yet that’s one of the reasons why Alzheimer’s is so prevalent in our society. It’s unbelievable! [See also genetically modified food.] And that’s why I say that until we take back our government from the corporations - until we change - and the only real way we can do that is by changing the election laws where we put up money, everybody runs a little of the playing field. There’s billions of dollars of money put in political campaigns. It’s just a sin.

SS: So, in the few minutes we have left, Burton, I know that you really are very passionate about trying to change the political landscape. I’m like you and whatever health care bill comes to pass, it’s not really going to provide any real solutions to health or to improve our health. It’s only ultimately going to put more money into the big coffers, you know, the conventional medicines. What are you suggesting we do? How do we bring about change? Is it possible to bring about this change?

BG: It is possible, but it’s grassroots. The politicians themselves will not change it because when you’re an incumbent, you got the edge. You can go in and you can pick up the money. But now, with this new Supreme Court ruling, a corporation says, “If you’re not going to vote my way - I’m going to put a guy up against you, and I’m going to spend $18 million to defeat you.” This is how vital that ruling is.

SS: So where do we go, you know. Give me something practical.

BG: We need to join together and vote for politicians in favor of campaign reform. The state of Arizona has it. The state of Maine has it. We can do it in this country, but it has to come from the grassroots. If you want to join, google campaign reform and join an organization pay attention because it will affect your life, your children’s lives, and your parents’ lives. It is that important.

SS: So Burton, before we complete today’s show, which has just been so wonderful, thank you so much for giving us your time. Let’s have your contact details again and talk about your services a little bit. What’s involved and how do people contact you?

BG: I have a $250.00 fee, a one-time fee, and I guide people to what they have to do.  Most of my clients are primarily cancer. I do addiction. I do stem cells, depression, anxiety, and all of that. My website is And, I’ll give out my phone number. It’s 415-725-3555. The website has lots of information. I did films on depression, anxiety and panic disorders. That’s a must-see for anyone who suffers, and a huge population does. And beyond depression, there’s addiction. Addiction is a result of depression. So, I have an addiction film. I have Cancer Conquest. Anyone who has cancer or knows somebody that has cancer must see that film. And then I have Ethical Stem Cells Now, because you can regenerate the body. The organs and systems can be regenerated. So we want to be on the edge and the most important thing is eating and drinking pure clean water.

SS: Well, you know, I just want to thank you on behalf of all of us out there in the world trying to get truthful information out and into peoples’ hands. I really appreciate your commitment, your passion and purpose. What a huge impact you have made, Burton, in so many peoples’ lives, far greater than you will ever know. I really thank you for the opportunity for you to share with us some of your wisdom and experience today.

  Delightful being with you and in being able to impart this life-saving stuff.

SS: We will have to get you back with some of your new updates in the future.

BG: Thank you very much.

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