Cancer Interview with Linda Davis

Burton Goldberg's Cancer Interview with Linda Davis from 11/6/09

LD: Joining us this morning is one of the experts who Suzanne Somers interviewed in her book Knockout, Burton Goldberg. If you want to know what's on the forefront in alternative medicine - ask publisher Burton Goldberg. If you want to know which therapies work best and what's politically urgent, he's your man. He’s spent over 30 years carefully researching every aspect of holistic medicine from California to Israel, Mexico, to Russia. But it's taken only a few years for the self-made business man to emerge as the voice of alternative medicine. What put Goldberg on the fast track and to national prominence is the 1994 publication of his best-selling book Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, which is held as the bible of alternative medicine. What you need to know most about Burton Goldberg is that he has a mission to reform American medicines and to help America reclaim their health. Burton, welcome to It's Your Health. It's an honor to have you on the show.

BG: Good morning. Great to be with you.

LD: Yes, I’m so glad. I’d like to focus today on the interview that Suzanne Somers did with you in her #1 New York Times bestseller Knockout. Now, had you worked with Suzanne prior to her contacting you about being part of the book?

BG: Yes. I didn’t work with her. But she used a book I did called Alternative Medicine Guide to Cancer. I did that book in 1997 and Suzanne, unbeknownst to me, used this book to go into alternative medicine. How I know is she was chided by the newspapers that she did some liposuction. She was on the Larry King show, and he said, “Why did you do liposuction?” She said, “Because I had cancer of the breast and I wanted them evened out.” And he said, “I didn’t know you had cancer. What are you doing for your cancer?” She said, “I’m doing alternative medicine.” He said, “Alternative medicine? How did you get into that?” She said, “Well, a nice guy named Burton Goldberg did a book called Cancer.” Every book in America sold out.

LD: Wow, that is awesome! Now, in the interview, Burton, it says that you got into alternative medicine due to working with a young woman who had food intolerances and food allergies. Can you tell us about that?

BG: Yeah. That was 33 years ago. The love of my life at the time had a daughter, and at age 19, her daughter, who was going to a psychiatrist, slit her wrists. Finally, the psychiatrist said, “I give up,” to her mother. He said, “Did you ever hear of vitamin therapy?” The mother asked me and I said I had never heard of vitamin therapy. We had a friend who had a son in California who practiced alternative medicine. So we flew out to California, and he discovered that this young lady, 19, was hypoglycemic. Simply a blood sugar imbalance. He treated her with diet and nutrients, and believe it or not, she became well from mental illness and ended up marrying and having many children and training horses in Florida.

LD: That’s terrific!

BG: That was 33 years ago. I was amazed. So it effected me and I started studying medicine with doctors and going to conferences. That’s why I got into the world of alternative medicine.

LD: I see. Now, in the book Suzanne said, “Burton Goldberg says that there are two systems of healthcare in the United States today - conventional western medicine and alternative medicine." My question is what things are conventional medicine good for and what things do you think alternative medicine is good for?

BG: Well, when it comes to the emergency room and trauma - if you break a leg or an arm, or you’re bleeding - you can’t beat conventional medicine. It’s the best. I’ve had cataract surgery, and that work is amazing. I would have been blind. I’m 83 years old, and I would’ve been blind had I not had conventional medicine. The emergency and great heroic surgery - you can’t beat conventional medicine. They sew you up and take away your pain. They keep you alive with blood. But in degenerative diseases like cancer, they’re medieval. They don’t go to the cause. They don’t even know what causes cancer.

LD: Yeah, and that’s something that you do know, if you can talk about that.

BG: I’ve done films on the subject of cancer. I did a DVD called Cancer Conquest.

LD: Yes, I watched that. It was wonderful and so enlightening.

BG: Yes, it’s 1 ½ hours long. It takes place in Germany and the United States. We tell what causes cancer, why conventional medicine pays hardly any attention. There’s very little money spent on the causation of cancer. But frankly, and I say this in Suzanne’s book, we’re being poisoned to death and we’re being starved to death in the land of plenty with our food supply. The government agencies of the United States government, like the Agriculture Dept., FDA, cancer organizations in the United States, the Dept. of Medicine, they pay no attention to the cause. They seem to favor the companies that cause cancer. The big pharma and the chemical industry - they’re putting hormones into our animals to make them big and fat to get more money for their product. These hormones go into us when we eat these animals. I don’t eat ordinary meat in this country.

LD: I don’t either.

BG: We have a thing called Mad Cow disease in this country, and it shows itself as Alzheimer’s. That’s a big statement I’m making, but there’s a study in Pittsburgh, a VA study, a government study, and they found that 5% of Alzheimer patients had Mad Cow disease. At the University of Yale, they did a study and there was 13 ½% of autopsies with Mad Cow, and nobody knows this. You can Google Mad Cow autopsies and find that answer. I did a movie called Greed on that subject. These are the very things that’s going on, and in the case of cancer, we must change the way we’re growing the food with pesticides and herbicides. They did a study in Israel many years ago. They stopped the use of pesticides and herbicides in milk cows and cattle in Israel. Then they did a ten-year study, and female breast cancer plummeted many percents when they stopped using these pesticides and herbicides.

They did studies at Hartford hospital in Connecticut where they did a biopsy of a female breast cancer, and they found arsenic and chlordane, DDT’s, and PCP’s in the tumor. Higher than in the non-cancerous tumors. So we know what causes cancer, and yet we’re doing nothing to stop the great growth of cancers in this country. Cancer has now passed heart disease as the #1 killer, but the true #1 killer is doctor-induced medicine. It’s the side-effects of drugs. People take drugs. Then they take another drug to overcome the side effects. These are not side effects. They are effects. We must take back our government. The bottom line to all of this, in my opinion after studying medicine for 33 years, is we must take back our government from the corporations. I don’t find the Obama administration any better. The new administrator of the FDA, one of his appointees, was head of a division of Shine, a company that makes silver amalgams, the dental fillings.

LD: I didn’t even think they used those anymore. I thought they used composite materials.

BG: No. They do use tons every day of silver, because it’s inexpensive. But that silver has 50-53% mercury, and it leeches 24/7 through the body. It’s one of the major causes of many, many problems. And yet the FDA withdrew a warning they had that mercury could cause damage to pregnant women and children, and adults, of course. She removed that from the FDA website. So, I’m not very happy with the current administration and what it’s doing to protect our lives. It’s the same ole, same ole. It’s not a question of Republican or Democrat. I mean, Clinton did the same thing as the Republican administration. But the public must be aware of why we have this epidemic of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

LD: Yeah, I’m just blown away listening to you. It’s so hard because it’s so much about Greed, like you said. How do we change? Obviously, we have to get the word out.

BG: Here’s how it works. The heads of these administrations in federal government, like agriculture, FDA and EPA, they are appointed by political appointees, by the president, by the parties. That happens because of campaign contributions. We must change that. We must get honest people in there. The only way to stop that is for government to pay all the bills. It’ll be cheaper in the long run, so that the lobbyists aren’t as effective as they are because of campaign reform. Congressmen, senators, even down to the local level, people are depending on a handout in order to become elected. The elections are so costly, they’re vulgar. The amount of money that’s needed. That’s greed. These congressmen, instead of spending time reading the bills, have to spend their time begging for money. The main thing as a politician is to be re-elected to maintain their power. Consequently, they have to pay off the people that put them in office. That pay-off costs Americans’ health.

That’s where I stand after studying medicine for 33 years. The reason alternative medicine is kept at bay - it’s non-toxic and inexpensive comparatively, and it’s not being paid for equally with the insurance companies. That’s something that we have to change. It’s one of our goals - to see that insurance companies, there a few states, like Washington state, the law is if you’re doing alternative medicine, it is paid for as well as conventional medicine. A lot of people have cancer. My phone is ringing off the hook. I’m a consultant to people who have cancer, and my phone is ringing off the hook since Suzanne Somers’ book hit #1 within days on the bestseller list.

LD: It’s such an amazing book, and it’s going to help so many people. Now, I wanted to ask you, what you’re talking about is so important, but for those people that have cancer, in the chapter with Suzanne, there’s a list that contains some beneficial treatments that you’ve come across to build up the body and strengthen it, these include Ondamed medicine.

GB: Ondamed is a German device that’s energy medicine. There’s a thing called homeopathy. That’s energy medicine. Homeopathy are diluted doses. Most people of conventional medicine pooh-pooh it, but it’s amazing. It works on quantum physics. Simply the energy. There’s so substance in the water but the water has energy. People are just into the chemistry aspect. Chemistry is important, but quite often it has side effects, whereas, if you get the right kind of energetic medicine. Now there’s a device called Ondamed, where you put a poke around a person and put some energy in them, and you can help find out where their pain is and take away their pain. It’s amazing! I got into it years ago when I saw it take away cold and flu in a person, take away headaches. It is amazing.

LD: Where can you get one of these, or where can you go to use one of these?

BG: Well, there are units all over the country. Go to or .net. There’s a website and you can find a practitioner near you. It’s amazingly effective.

LD: Good. You also mention a thing called Asyra.

BG: Asyra is a quantum physics device where a person just holds some electrodes that’s attached to a computer, and it reads out the energy of the body and you’ll know which organs and systems are malfunctioning. Then the doctor can go in deeper with substances to correct those malfunctions. The Asyra device. It’s pretty amazing. [Asyra videos on Youtube].

LD: Great. Then you have Biofocus also, and its blood test.

BG: Oh, this is really important. This is integrative medicine. Instead of alternative medicine, we call it integrative. Biofocus is a German website. It’s on my website of you want to get to it. Let me tell you what it is first. It’s a blood test done in Germany. For instance, they send you a kit, because the blood has to be drawn in glass rather than plastic. The syringes have to be glass because blood will stick to the plastic where it won’t stick to the glass, and will give you a distorted reading. They send you a kit in America. You then ship it back to Germany. Then ten days later they tell you which chemotherapeutic agent or agents will work on your cancer to target your cancer. Not only the primary tumor, but the micro-metastasized cells. The cells that float through the body and metastasized elsewhere, causing havoc on the body. What works on the primary does not work on the metastasized cells. The chemotherapeutic agents they use in America are truly medieval. Just think of it, your hair falls out, you vomit and you feel horrible, and that’s from the treatments. Totally medieval! Whereas, when you know how to target the cells, you can use 10% of that dosage, but knowing which doses to use. They use cookbook medicine in this country. For instance, you may use an ovarian cancer drug on a prostate cancer in Germany.

LD: I’m so glad you brought that up. I was going to mention that. It was in your movie where this guy said I have prostate cancer, but they found out an ovarian drug works, and here they won’t give it to me because they do the cookbook medicine.

Anybody who has cancer or that knows someone with cancer should get that movie. It’s on my website.

LD: Yes, it’s wonderful.

BG: It’s at It’s called Cancer Conquest. You can see a sample of a few minutes of it, and order it because this is information that could very well save their life.

LD: Now, Burton, I had a question. Is this blood test in Germany the same as the chemosensitivity test Suzanne was talking about?

BG: It is. It’s a chemosensitivity test. There are many. For instance, in the book I did years ago in 1997, which is a little stale now, but really important. I had 33 doctors in California. This test is about floating cells in the body. That’s the killers. The primary cancer can be extracted, removed, and so forth, but it’s the floating cells that metastasize that come back. You know the old story - we got it all. Then three years later or 12 years later, it comes back. Like in the case of John Wayne, the actor. He died after the first cancer, but he died 12 years later. When it comes back it mutates and it comes back with a vengeance. It’s the same cancer that’s festering elsewhere. That’s the beauty of this German blood test called Biofocus. You can go to the website click on cancer blood tests, and you’ll be shunted onto the German website, hit English in the right-hand corner, and read about it. This is really a vital thing. Why it isn’t available in this country, I don’t know. It was offered to us.

LD: Really?

BG: It was offered to the National Cancer Institute (it’s in the movie) and they denied. They haven’t done it. This test is on the disseminated cells that float and metastasize. Those are the killers.

LD: So, there are times, obviously, that you use conventional and alternative medicine together, but it has to be really targeted and you have to know what you have.

BG: Absolutely. And I guide people to doctors that practice the good integrative medicine that I feel is necessary. Now in her book, she has Burzynski She has Gonzalez in New York, and she asked me and I mentioned Dr. Munoz down in Mexico, who has vaccines that do things no one else has, called dendritic cell therapy. They train your immune system to go after your particular cancer. It’s a vaccine made with your blood that helps enormously. Then he has another one called Gc-MAF that wipes away the immune system. See, when you have cancer, the cancer cells don’t want to die. When a woman has a baby, the immune system is kept at bay. This is a foreign element, and, God in his wisdom, wants this fetus to come to fruition. So, enzymatically, the immune system is kept at bay from the foreign element in her uterus. Now, cancer does the same thing and this vaccine he makes, Gc-MAF, wipes away that protective and says, “Go get ’em, boys!”

So between both of these vaccines, and he also uses low-dose chemotherapy (never more than 20% - usually it’s 10%). He then uses insulin potentiated therapy, which means he gives it sugar. If you have cancer, you should not eat sugar. No bread. It turns to sugar. All kinds of bread, even whole wheat. No rice, even brown rice. No sugar, no desserts, no alcohol, no pasta. All these things turn to sugar and sugar is what feeds cancer. So, Dr. Munoz uses insulin potentiation. He gives it sugar, and that brings in the chemotherapeutic agent as a Trojan horse. So he can use this tiny amount, this 10% of normal, but then 10% of what the German blood test says. Do you see?

Yes, because then it will open up and unlock the cells.

BG: This physician uses full-body hyperthermia. It’s nothing like in Europe in my film, where it’s done for five hours. He does it for 1 ½ hours a day. By using insulin potentiated with low-dose chemotherapy targeting your cells. You don’t lose your hair. You don’t vomit. You don’t have violent side-effects. Believe it or not, folks, you can beat cancer. Even end-stage cancer. It’s hardly ever too late. I have two cases in Miami with pancreatic cancer. That famous actor just died of it.

LD: Yes, Patrick Swayze.

BG: We probably could’ve saved his life. I’ve had cases come in wheel chairs that were told by the doctors to go home and die. There’s nothing you can do. They come in wheel chairs and two months later, they go out with no pancreatic cancer. The hospital back in Miami thought something was wrong with their PET scan, so they did it again. It’s amazing what can happen using integrative medicine. That means the best of both worlds.

Yes, that makes the most sense. Unfortunately, my mother died of ovarian cancer. She had late-stage. They gave her a month. She lived about 2 ½ years, but she did chemotherapy, but she also did everything under the sun. I know my father said they got in touch with Burzynski I didn’t know this the other day when I spoke to Suzanne Somers. I mentioned it to my dad, and he said, “Oh yeah, we spoke.” I remember visiting her in bed, which was covered with supplements. She did the coffee enemas, but she had had a lot of chemotherapy, and I think that kind of…

BG: Conventional medicine pooh-pooh’s nutrition concurrent with chemotherapy, whereas our doctors of integrative medicine feed the body intravenously with nutrition, and they survive and they get over it quite often. I mean, they’re having a success rate with end-stage cancers as high as 80%.

LD: Wow, that’s incredible!

The difference is like day and night. It’s like going to Alice in Wonderland going to a conventional hospital. Frankly, I call them slaughterhouses. They’re horrendous. That’s why anyone with cancer should look at Suzanne Somers’ book. It’s a Godsend.

It sure is.

BG: She got by with it because she’s the first celebrity to have this come out because of the newspapers and magazines. You’re public radio, but when you’re not public radio, they take advertising from the big pharmas. Every time you turn on the news or radio or TV, everything is an ad for taking a drug. They don’t tell the truth. But because she’s so important as a celebrity and she’s so enticing with her writing and so easy to understand this complicated stuff. It’s a marvelous book, and that’s why it’s #1 and it just came out the nineteenth of October. That’s amazing!

LD: It is. It’s incredible. Well, Dr. Burton, if you can give us your contact information again. Our time went so quickly. I want everybody to know that you’re going to be joining us starting February. We’re hopefully going to get you on once a month to talk about the different issues. Let us know how we can contact you and again, if there’s people out there who have cancer, they can contact you and you can help them find the right doctors. Is that correct?

BG: My private phone is 415-725-3555. That’s my cell phone. And is my website and you can go through and see some of my films I’ve done. I’ve done films on depression, anxiety, addiction. I did one on stem cells, and, of course, Cancer Conquest, which is the subject today.

Well, I want to thank you so much. This was fantastic! So much great information. This will be on my website in a few days, so if you want to go back and listen to it again, The interview I did with Suzanne on October 21 is already on. Just go under my site at past shows. The interview I did with Suzanne yesterday will be up in a couple of days. Thanks again, Burton. I will be in touch.

BG: You're welcome. Thank you.

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