The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery

YOU'VE GOT CANCER"—they're the words you never want to hear. If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, your world may be turned upside-down and negotiating the roller coaster of emotions may leave you feeling overwhelmed. The initial shock may be followed by disbelief, denial, anger, and confusion. In this frame of mind, you may not be capable of making sound decisions about your health and treatment options.

First of all, don't panic. Now is the time when you need to be clear-headed, so that you can make the right choices. Acknowledge and experience the emotions you're going through—it's vital that you do this—then share your feelings and get support. While there is a strong focus on the physical aspects of cancer and how soon and what should be done, many alternative medicine physicians provide treatment that also addresses the compelling emotional, psycho-spiritual aspects of the illness as well.

Establish hope—there is reason for hope. Everyone responds differently to learning about their cancer, but an optimistic attitude is vital right from the beginning. A strong positive outlook cannot be underestimated in its power to contribute significantly to a successful outcome. Always keep in mind that others have been down this road before, received this diagnosis, have recovered, and are surviving today. No matter how frightened or upset or overwhelmed you may feel, know that you will get the care you need.

Unless the cancer requires immediate treatment, don't rush into making any decisions. Even though you may feel the need to immediately decide what kind of treatments you should have, very rarely is urgency warranted. There is almost always a chance to gather information. Don't be frightened into making decisions about your treatment until you know your options. As you will learn in this book, alternative medicine has established the causes of cancer—from radiation and dietary factors and pesticide residues to stress and dental factors and free radicals—and has safe, nontoxic, and effective therapies that can address each one.

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