Cancer: Taking Positive Steps

Taking Positive Steps

When you were diagnosed with cancer, the first thing you may have said was 'Why me?' While you may feel like you've just been struck by lightning, you need to realize that this illness has happened because of various factors in your life. You'll need to look at your lifestyle and critically evaluate the way you live. To heal, it is necessary to understand how the illness was given an opening in your life and how you can eliminate it.

Cancer is an accumulation of imbalances—brought on by a combination of physical, environmental, and lifestyle stressors—and can be healed in the same way, through a process of identifying what went awry and stimulating the body to heal itself. Conventional medicine doesn't understand this way of looking at and treating cancer. Alternative medicine physicians, on the other hand, can assist you on this road to recovery. By identifying the underlying causes of cancer, using natural therapies to correct them, and addressing the psychological and emotional imbalances in you life, you will conquer your illness. There are a number of positive steps you can take right now to guide your own way on the journey through cancer.

Select a Physician and Get a Second Opinion

If your primary care doctor was the clinician who diagnosed your cancer, you may be comfortable continuing under their care. Be sure that your doctor is someone you trust and can communicate with. Think about the following when evaluating your choice of physician:

  •  Is the doctor well-qualified to treat you?
  •  Are they concerned with your personal needs in treatment?
  •  Does your doctor know alternative medicine in cancer treatment?
  •  Does your physician realize that your attitude and outlook are just as important as their treatment methods?
  •  Will your doctor be completely frank with you about the consequences and risks of every therapy (conventional  and alternative), so that you can make the proper decision about your treatment options?

Even if you have complete confidence in your doctor, a cancer diagnosis may warrant one or even several second opinions. Generally, we encourage people to get tested again or find a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis. A second opinion can provide you with additional information that may help you feel more confident about the original diagnosis. Plus, a second physician may provide you with more treatment options to consider. The best choice for a second opinion would be someone with knowledge of both allopathic and alternative modalities.

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