Using Homeopathy and Electrodermal Screening to Protect Against the Toxic Effects of Vaccines

By Burton Goldberg

If you or your child is forced to receive a conventional vaccination there are two ways you can protect against any potential side effects. I'm going to share with you here a little about each of these two ways so that you'll know what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. You won't typically hear about these options in the conventional media or from mainstream doctors.

A Long Tradition of Protecting Against Vaccines

Homeopathy has been used for more than 100 years to protect against the toxic effects of vaccines. Homeopaths have recognized since the 1800s that vaccines can be harmful. They refer to the long-term damage done by vaccines as vaccinosis, a condition of chronic disease that occurs in many patients who are vaccinated. In the late 1800s, physicians described patients who became ill after they received smallpox vaccinations. This was before vaccines contained heavy metals like aluminum or mercury, indicating some other factor was at play.

A homeopathic doctor, and similarly trained holistic physicians, seeks to prevent the occurrence of vaccinosis in patients who have been vaccinated or gives patients the choice of receiving a homeopathic vaccine. To understand how homeopathic doctors achieve success, you must grasp the basic principle of homeopathy and know a little about the history of this form of treatment.

Dr. Sir Edmond Jenner performed the first vaccination in the last part of the 18th century. Dr. Jenner had realized that milkmaids who milked cows infected by cowpox (vaccinia) were immune to the more deadly smallpox (variola). Dr. Jenner used scabs from the milkmaids and scratched this infectious material on other patients, thus transferring the protection against smallpox to the people who had not been exposed to the cowpox virus.

This is what became known as the Law of Similars, using something similar but more mild to protect against something stronger or more deadly. This is the basic, underlying concept behind homeopathy.

At the same time as Dr. Jenner was doing his work, a medical school student named Samuel Hahnemann was tasked to seek out other similars in nature to see if the principal held true throughout all nature. Turns out, according to Hahnemann's research, it did. He found that using small amounts of certain substances can protect against the toxic effects of similar substances that are more concentrated and strong. His body of research became known as homeopathy.

Some examples of this concept of homeopathy include:
• The bark of the cinchona tree protects against malaria,
• Poison ivy protects against arthritis,
• Diluted rattlesnake venom protects against Ebola, and
• Belladonna is effective against measles.

Homeopathic Options

In protecting against the toxic effects of vaccines, homeopaths commonly use either a single agent or a combination of agents including Thuja occidentalis, Aconitum napellus, Apis mellifica, Chamomilla, Ledum palustre, and Silicea. Homeopathic doctors who have used this approach have noted that their patients who received conventional vaccinations tend to not suffer as severe or as often the ill effects of injected vaccines.

Another approach is for the homeopath to identify the vaccine that is causing a toxic reaction and then to deliver a non-toxic and diluted homeopathic version of the vaccine in order to counteract the original vaccine's toxic effects.

One naturopathic doctor in the San Francisco Bay area, Todd A. Born, N.D., has had a lot of success using one of two approaches. First, for patients who receive vaccines—ideally on the delayed schedule—Dr. Born offers support by means of natural therapies that can help reduce the side effects of the vaccines.

For parents who refuse to vaccinate their child, Dr. Born uses a homeopathic remedy called Vaccinosis Nosode (5 drops to1 dropperful in the mouth once daily Monday through Friday, depending on the age and weight of the child). Vaccinosis Nosode is a homeopathic remedy that mimics the effects of a conventional vaccine, in a much safer way.

Six weeks after the bottle is finished, Dr. Born will test whether the remedy has worked by using IgG blood testing. The way that researchers know a conventional vaccine works is because the patients administered the vaccine now have antibodies that protect against whichever infectious agent the vaccine targets. The IgG blood test is a way to detect the presence of these antibodies. The IgG test also is able to detect whether homeopathic remedies are effective at stimulating antibody production in the body.

Through IgG testing, Dr. Born confirms that the Vaccinosis nosode confers immunity on the child or adult who has taken it. He then provides a copy of the results so that they may show these results to the school or anyone requiring proof of immunity. For any patients who didn't test positive for immunity, he repeats the above process. In addition, some infectious agents are not present in Vaccinosis nosode, so for children who don't have antibodies to those agents, he must administer another remedy called Childhood Immunization Detox.

You can find a homeopathic physician in your area by visiting the National Center for Homeopathy website. Persist until you find a homeopathic doctor, naturopathic, osteopathic, or medical doctor who is knowledgeable about homeopathic vaccine approaches.

Electrodermal Screening

When my 27-year-old son was born, our doctor didn't give him vaccines without first testing with electrodermal screening. Through the testing, I learned that the third vaccine would have harmed my son, so the doctor administered only half a shot of that vaccine. We also used some homeopathics to pull out the toxic residue.

In a nutshell, here's how electrodermal screening works: doctors use an electrodermal screening device on your skin to gather information through the acupuncture meridian system. This method can detect the degree of stress that is affecting an organ and it can monitor the progress of therapy, avoiding trial and error and guesswork.

Electrodermal screening is important because it's a method to test in advance whether a vaccine will be effective and tolerated in an individual person. The only alternative doctors I will see are the ones who use electrodermal screening. It's also useful for knowing which nutritional supplements will benefit your body and in what dosages. I've always felt that using electrodermal screening is like talking to God. 

Electrodermal screening is performed by some acupuncturists, naturopathic or homeopathic doctors, and chiropractors.

Safe Options Exist

If circumstances won't allow you or your child to avoid getting vaccinated, homeopathy and electrodermal screening provide you with some options to prevent the possibility of vaccine-related damage. 

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