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  1. Preventive Medical Research- Patient Guide by Dr.Bernardo Majalca with Alkaline Diet
  2. Dr. Bernardos Lecture on the Importance of an Alkaline Diet
  3. Dr. Eisenberg's Letter
  4. Nuclear Radiation
  5. Video DVD: Cancer Conquest - The Best of Conventional & Alternative Medicine
  6. 2/1/10 Interview: Cancer, Politics, Our Food Supply, Biological Dentistry, Mammography and more... Burton's Radio Interview with Sherrill Sellman, N.D. on the What Women Must Know Radio Program
  7. 11/6/09: Burton's Highly Informative Interview On "Ask The Experts." (mp3 audio will take a few minutes to download)
  8. 11/5/09 Interview: Burton's Cancer Interview with Linda Davis from
  9. Congressional Testimony: Congress of the United States House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform Hearing on "Integrative Oncology - Cancer Care for the New Millennium," June 7 and 8, 2000, Washington, D.C.
  10. If it were any good, my doctor would tell me about it...
  11. Alternative Medicine and the Truth About Being "Scientific" and "Proven"
  12. First, Do No Harm
  13. A Real Litmus Test for Political Candidates
  14. Getting Alternative Medicine Covered by Medical Insurance
  15. Fight for Your Life
  16. Don't Be a Friendly Fire Casualty in the War on Disease
  17. Cancer Facts & Betrayals: The Government Is Lying to You About Alternative Cancer   Treatments
  18. Health Crimes Against Humanity
  19. Holding the National Cancer Institute Accountable for Cancer Deaths
  20. Treatment of Primary Brain Tumors with Sehydrin (Hydrazine Sulfate)
  21. Chemotherapy Efficacy (PDF)
  22. Are Medical X-rays a Major Cause of Cancer and Heart Disease?
  23. Beware Saboteurs Posing as Experts
  24. Health Letter to My Grandchildren
  25. Dental History
  26. Eat Fat to Lose Weight
  27. HIV and AIDS: Myth vs. Medicine
  28. Gulf War Syndrome
  29. Metabolic Modulation of Glioblastoma with Dichloroacetate
  30. Why We Are Losing The War on Cancer and How We Can Win It
  31. The Dangers of Mammograms: What You Need to Know (Part 1)
  32. The Dangers of Mammograms: What You Need to Know (Part 2)
  33. Thermography: The Safer, More Effective Alternative to Mammograms
  34. Nuclear Radiation, Cancer and The Crisis in Japan: What You Need To Know
  35. The Nuclear Power Industry is Killing Us
  36. Please Join Me In Urging Our Elected Leaders to Put an End to Nuclear Power in the United States
  37. A Letter to President Obama about Nuclear Energy
  38. Is the Profit Motive Harming and Killing Cancer Patients?
  39. Cancer and Your Immune System
  40. Dental Fillings: A Surprising Risk Factor for Cancer
  41. Root Canals: Another Risk Factor for Cancer that Most Doctors Don't Know About

  42. Is your Drinking Water Increasing your Risk of Cancer?
  43. Chlorine and Fluoride
  44. Are You Eating Your Way to Cancer?
  45. Fighting Cancer with Diet and Nutrition
  46. Acid-Alkaline Balance and Good Health
  47. Emotions and Cancer and Heart Disease
  48. Rapid Aging Syndrome/ Electrohypersensitivity
  49. Suzanne Somers and Breast Reconstruction
  50. Dangerous and Dumb The Problems with Smart Grids

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Get Your Kids Off Drugs: Better Ways of Dealing with ADHD

School is a particularly difficult time for children suffering from attention deficit disorder and other related problems. In America, thousands of our children come to school drugged into passivity on Ritalin and other psychiatric drugs. “Pop a pill” has too long been the cry of conventional medicine and frustrated parents. Alternative medicine offers options to help your child without exposing him to powerful psychiatric drugs.

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