Survive! A Family Guide to Thriving in a Toxic World

survive_book_cover_large.jpg by Sharyn Winters and Burton Goldberg

Article by Sharyn Winters.

Our new book, SURVIVE!  A Family Guide for Thriving in a Toxic World has finally been released and it is already being called, “the second Book of Changes.”  (The original Book of Changes—the I Ching
is a Chinese book of wisdom that teaches how to live in harmony via change.)  Readers say SURVIVE inspires change on many levels.  “It has changed the way I think about everything in my living environment,” comments one reader.  “It has also caused me to ponder my relationship with the Earth, and it has made me think about how I can support sustainability.” 

SURVIVE includes 20 chapters on toxins and contaminants— not just in water, air, and food—but electromagnetic contaminants, toxins in personal care products, clothing, cleaning solutions, cookware, building materials, medical procedures—even in thoughts and emotions. The book will make you aware of how technology has gotten out of hand, yet it will inspire you to make the changes that will bring you back into balance, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Many of these same changes will help Mother Earth to regain her balance.

According to Dr.Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, “This book provides real solutions for living in our toxic world.” Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, offers another perspective on the book: “Changing the world can only be done one individual at a time. This book offers insights and tools on how to change the world where you live—your own body and mind.”

SURVIVE is a dream come true for me. It is the culmination of a process that began 37 years ago when I developed a life-threatening degenerative disease. When the medical profession ran out of choices, I began my own search. I discovered the role that toxins play in disease and I was determined to eliminate my exposure to these noxious robbers of life force. I threw out everything in my house that had toxic ingredients and I found natural alternatives. I changed everything I put in, on, and around my body. When I began to get better, I was compelled to learn more. It became my passion. SURVIVE is the result of years of gathering information. I partnered with Burton Goldberg—a friend, and the founder and former publisher of Alternative Medicine magazine. His years of experience in the field of alternative medicine and in the world of publishing were the perfect complement to my years of collecting information.

Our joint effort is finally available …and we’re so excited. The book is easy and fun to read and we honestly believe that the information could save your life—or the life of a loved one. Yes, it’s that important! Others feel the same way.

Thom E. Lobe, MD, founder of the Beverly Hills, Beneveda Medical Group, has gone on record saying, “No household should be without a copy. No parent should consider raising children without knowing how to protect them from the invisible hazards of modern life. It has become required reading for the patients in my practice.” Once you’ve read the book, we know you will want to share the information with all your loved ones. SURVIVE may be the most important book you ever purchase…and it is an ideal gift for those you really love. You’ll be giving the gift of life and you’ll be helping them make the changes that will support long-lasting, vibrant health. 
survive_temp_cover.jpgThe new book is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and from  But if you’d like a personally autographed copy, you can purchase through my website:

Once you’ve read the book, I encourage you to begin to make the changes that will improve your health and the health of the whole planet.  

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world." SURVIVE will help you to see and to be a part of the change. Together we can all make a difference.

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