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“My name is Burton Goldberg, and I’m a consultant to patients who have cancer. I did a book on alternative medicine cancer treatment, in 1997, called Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer – 1100 pages, 37 doctors – who successfully reverse cancer using non-toxic substances.”

Today Show
: “You’re on a mission with this book. What is that mission?”

Suzanne Somers
: “When I was lying in the hospital, thinking the worst. And I’m a very upbeat, positive person, so, it’s just, there was so many people confirming it. I said to my husband, ‘You know, I’ve been keeping a file on doctors who are curing cancer.’

Burton Goldberg: “I’ve been very fortunate to have been selected by Suzanne Somers, in her new book Knockout.”

Suzanne Somers: “I spent the last year interviewing doctors and their patients. And so, what Knockout is, is options. You know, when you are diagnosed, and I’ve been there twice now, you’re only given standard of care. And so what I wanted to explore was, what if someone wanted to go alternative? What if somebody wanted to go integrative? What if somebody wanted to do nutritional?”

Burton Goldberg: “You see, Suzanne used my book, Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer, when she originally had breast cancer many years ago, and it put her on the road to recovery.”

Suzanne Somers: “The point of this book is, as the patient, you need information. It’s your power. If I had taken this full body chemo, where would I be? I’d be dead.”

Larry King Live: “The book is Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer – And How to Prevent Getting It In The First Place.”

Burton Goldberg: "Suzanne’s book is a must, for anyone with cancer."

Suzanne Somers: “So why are they going after these doctors that have another way."

Today Show: “You say it’s because it’s a 200 billion dollar industry (Suzanne: “yes”), and there are people out there that don’t want you to be well.”

Suzanne Somers: “That’s right. Well, don’t want you to be right, because if these doctors who I think, for me, are right, for me.”

Burton Goldberg: “The pharmaceutical industrial complex OWNS our United States government.”

Suzanne Somers: “I keep getting attacked for this book and I think, ‘I’m out there saying that do you know, that there’s another way. That there are doctors who are having success, who are not loading people up on chemotherapy.’ “ (Early Show Interview)

Burton Goldberg: “I’ve been studying medicine for 33 years, and I’ve gone to school with doctors. I have an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities for some of the lives I’ve saved. I’ve done 18 books on the subject of alternative medicine, and I’ve done 4 films: Ethical Stem Cells, Depression and Anxiety, Addictions, and of course, my film Cancer Conquest: The Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine.

It is not a question of, ‘Will I have cancer in my life.’ We’re being poisoned to death and starved to death in a land of plenty. I’ve had cancer twice. First time, about seven years ago, I had bladder cancer, and I treated it with Chinese herbs and enzymes. Now, I have early stage kidney cancer, and it’s in remission.

Whether it’s early-stage, or end-stage, your cancer can be arrested, and you can be put into remission. You never use the term cure, because once you have cancer, you have cancer. We all have cancer, it comes and goes, but ultimately it’s your immune system that will save you. And, the doctors that I recommend pay enormous attention to not only what caused your cancer, but building your immune system, because ultimately it’s your immune system that will save you. You see the difference between integrative cancer treatment and conventional? Conventional medicine doesn't even tell you to stay away from sugar. Sugar is what feeds cancer.

I’m available as a consultant. I have a one time fee of $250; I think you’ll find it worthwhile. Come see my film Cancer Conquest: The Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine.

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