Volume Ordering of DVDs

Thank you for your interest in helping share the important information provided in our healthcare DVD videos!

Our healthcare DVD videos are popular items for health food stores; alternative medicine, integrative medicine and natural healthcare medical clinics; educational institutions; retail stores that feature healthcare research and related products; and online stores that offer healthcare research and related products.


We do not require special qualifications for volume purchasing (such as a business license). The  discounts that we offer are based upon the number of healthcare DVD videos purchased. Significant discounts begin with the purchase of five or more of our healthcare DVDs.

How to Order

Our healthcare DVD videos are available for purchase at volume pricing on the Volume Purchasing section of our online store. All of our volume ordering is handled online, and orders are usually shipped within 1-2 days after the purchase.

Volume Purchase Pricing for Healthcare DVD Videos

Any combination of multiple DVD videos qualify for volume discounting. You may mix and match your DVD selections. Find the amount of videos you want to order in the table below and follow across to the discount level that applies to your order.
Number of Videos PurchasedDiscount Level
1 Video Purchased
Retail Price
2-3 Videos Purchased
15% Discount
4-5 Videos Purchased
20% Discount Level
6-10 Videos Purchased
25% Discount Level
11-15 Videos Purchased
30% Discount Level
16-25 Videos Purchased
35% Discount Level
25-50 Videos Purchased
45% Discount Level
51-100 Videos Purchased
50% Discount Level
101-500 Videos Purchased
55% Discount Level
501-1000+ Videos Purchased
60% Discount Level

Your discount will be applied at checkout.

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